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  1. makebelieveup

    Emoticons Request Thread

    Gurl where are my new emojis?? I also need this face when commenting about questionable scores
  2. I heard someone said fancams are not allowed at Saitama, is this true? There will be no videos of practice at all?!
  3. makebelieveup

    General Yuzuru Chat

    Hmm, I see what you mean. It does seem baggy. (I know for one thing as a Vietnamese that suits made in Vietnam <<<< America, so I hope this isn't the case for Japan) You might be right and it's disappointing that his sponsors don't take the time to tailor the suits for him. But it could also be because he doesn't care half as much about his non-athletic image as he does with his athletic self. It's like he would go the nth degree to make sure his costumes are right for the competition and would get upset if he forgot his gloves, but it's whatever about the rest lol
  4. makebelieveup

    General Yuzuru Chat

    I keep hearing about his ill fitted suit problem and stuffs but I can't seem to pinpoint what ill fitted about them. can anyone please enlighten me? also, is it possible that it's how Japanese suits look like? I'm not very familiar with men's wear so if anyone can point it out for me that'd be appreciated. I know Japanese clothes like Uniqlo (the only Japanese brand I can find in US) are tailored to fit asian physique. Could it be a style? I'm just really curious since at least I know Japan is known for their beautiful school uniforms so I'd be surprised if their suits are illy tailored.
  5. makebelieveup

    General Yuzuru Chat

    lol they could have used any defending champion but they used yuzu. if only they promote him through their judging like they did through their social media pshh
  6. isnt the main rink practice for men sp Monday? I really hope yuzu can start leaving this weekend so he has time to settle in with the time diff
  7. makebelieveup

    General Yuzuru Chat

    I think that loop phantom call was due to the fact the landing was so bad and heavy that they thought his blade touched the UR mark. I watched the loop several times and eventho it wasnt a clean landing, it was not UR. Im not sure about the toe tho. But the scores would probably have changed a bit and who knows who would still have held that world record by now. but then i think about how many times he has been underscored and this isnt really news, sadly. i wonder if yuzu gonna pull a javi once he retired and write a book to spill tea about figure skating lol
  8. makebelieveup

    General Yuzuru Chat

    i just rewatched some of yuzu's perfs this season and i am reminded of one thing...as good as i think they are, yuzu has been disappointed with himself after every freeskate the first time after aci, he was literally disgusted by the score. the second time after helsinki, he thought he would get at least 200 bc he did 4 quads, but he was so surprised it was 190 and that his total wasnt 300. then he was hopeful to make the 300 mark since he did so well in the short at cor only to get into that accident and couldnt give a dream perf with the free/do better than helsinki. it makes me sad bc i just really hope he can feel happy with himself esp when origin has such personal meaning to him. like i know underscoring is the story of his life but i just want him to skate perfect. like idc if a perfect yuzu getting robbed at this point he just needs to feel satisfied with his perf
  9. makebelieveup

    General Yuzuru Chat

    What if in the future when Brian, Ghislain and Tracy retired, we will have yuzu and javi taking over coaching at TCC
  10. makebelieveup

    General Yuzuru Chat

    He should come out with his own brand of skating brand/blade and name it like Fly Hanyu or Wing Hanyu or Yuzu on Air lol something like Air Jordan. I'm sure I'll get a pair for myself even if I don't skate
  11. makebelieveup

    General Yuzuru Chat

    LOL Roman only said Yuzu. He knows whats up. poor Stephen people asked him to speak up
  12. makebelieveup

    General Yuzuru Chat

    they're all skaters by day and fanyus by night
  13. makebelieveup

    General Yuzuru Chat

    is this true? haha edit: seems like it. yuzu collecting elite fanboys and fangirls left and right Coaches: His coach (brian), his rival's coach(raf), his idol's coach(mishin), his idol's rival's coach (tat) Idols: his idol (plushenko), his idol's rival(yagudin) ladies: miyahara, zhenya, zagitova, yulia, men: daniel, stephen, camden, tomoki, the whole team japan novice: sasha and the sweeping boy(forgot his name)