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  1. This made me cackle I used to study in Sydney and 4CC 2021 would be at the height of the Australian summer, RIP the organisers' airconditioning bill
  2. The media just reported that Sophie Trudeau has tested positive for COVID-19. I'm relieved the Quebec government pulled the plug when they did, although the ISU and Skate Canada should've done it much sooner. The Australian F1 has also been called off, and the ATP announced that men's tennis tournaments scheduled over the next six weeks will be cancelled.
  3. “At the time of publishing this statement, the ISU has not been informed of any specific decision from the Quebec Health Ministry in regard to the ISU World Figure Skating Championships scheduled to be held in Montreal on March 16-22, 2020. Pending such a decision the ISU continues with its preparation and implementation of precautionary measures. The ISU will communicate any decisions of the competent authorities as soon as they are available.” Reading between the lines, ISU’s statement today implies that unless ordered specifically to cancel by the relevant authorities, they will proceed with Worlds as planned.
  4. Unless if by “legend” they meant retired Canadian skaters 🤔 I’m trying REALLY hard to give the ISU the benefit of the doubt here.. still struggling to find any upside though 😂🤦🏻‍♀️
  5. A couple of reasons off the top of my head, although I'm sure there are more: 1. The sheer difference in the number of spectators at Jr Worlds vs. Senior Worlds (Bell Centre can accommodate approximately 20,000 people) and the international demographics who are likely to be present. 2. The side activities planned for Senior Worlds encourage open mingling which increases virus transmission risks e.g. red carpet for 1,000 fans as skaters arrive; the Fan Festival with meet and greet between skaters and fans, food trucks, DJ and music acts, interactive exhibits etc. All these run counter to recommendations for social distancing.
  6. I can attest to this - I just cancelled what were supposed to be non-refundable “promo fare” flight tickets only 6 hours before departure, and the airline agreed to convert it to travel credit that can be used towards any destination in the next 12 months. Same with the ground package that I had booked with a tour agency. While it’s unfortunate that the ISU/Evenko insist on not refunding tickets, I hope everyone here who’s cancelling the trip can at least recoup some costs from the airline/accommodation provider. It’s breaking my heart to see posters desperately trying to sell off their Worlds tickets at such deep discounts through no fault of their own.
  7. This would've been amazing... IN A YEAR WITHOUT A CONTAGIOUS DISEASE OUTBREAK! The mind boggles.
  8. I read an article in The Guardian about how most music festivals in the UK are insured against scenarios like adverse weather but not communicable disease specifically, and I'm wondering if that might be the same for the ISU. I also wonder how much of the ticket revenue and sponsors' money have already been "sunk" into paying the venue, vendors, hotel, etc. and if there is enough liquidity left over to refund all ticket purchasers even without an insurance payout. I completely agree that the right thing to do (at minimum) is to offer full refunds to those who are no longer able/want to attend the event, with the best case being a closed door competition with no spectators. I'm just wondering if the event's financial position at this stage (presuming no insurance payout) allows the ISU/Skate Canada to do that. If anyone here is familiar with event management or project accounting I'm very interested in whether you've experienced something like this before.
  9. It sounds like the guidelines only apply to personnel needing accreditation e.g. journalists, photographers, etc.
  10. Did we ever get an answer about whether the ISU Awards nominees who aren’t competing at Worlds like Eunsoo and Kaori will be obliged to show up anyway? Or will non-Worlds participants just be quietly dropped off the list because heaven knows this entire farce was never meritocratic in the first place.
  11. Guess who is being proactive and planning to reschedule events to mitigate COVID transmission risks? Not the ISU... Since it seems Evenko, et al are confident that their enhanced precautionary measures will be sufficient, I hope everyone who does decide to go will have a great and safe time! On the off chance that they decide to cancel the event or hold it behind closed doors, they'd better not announce it TOO late. It's a long and expensive flight to Canada not only for fans but also small Fed skaters and it'd be gutting if they spent all that money for nothing. Fingers crossed for everyone!!
  12. I presume they have the option of holding the competition behind closed doors with no spectators, but even if Evenko is forced to refund the tickets, it won’t be of much use to spectators who have already travelled to Montreal and checked into their accommodation. Airlines and hotels have been relaxing their refund/rescheduling policies in light of the coronavirus but I suppose that would only apply if you haven’t yet boarded your flight or checked in at the hotel. The longer the ISU waits to announce their decision the more painful it will be because people are already beginning to fly in.
  13. Hello everyone! I just finished CLOY and I'm an emotional wreck I'm not ready to let these characters go!
  14. Thanks for sharing the article! What bugs me is how Skate Canada's statement only talks about precautionary measures taken for the athletes. I mean, screw the thousands of ticket purchasers flying in from all over the world who are pretty much bankrolling the event, right although Evenko mentioned ticket purchasers, their statement sounds like boilerplate corporate-speak, emphasising the no-refund policy. At least Indian Wells started offering refunds or credit to next year's tournament a few days before they called off the event completely.
  15. Out of curiosity, would it be feasible for Worlds to take place behind closed doors without any spectators? They should refund all ticket purchasers of course, but I’m just wondering if there will still be a risk of transmission even among the athletes themselves (who may be asymptomatic but are unwittingly carrying the virus).
  16. Not skating but the ATP and WTA just cancelled this year's Indian Wells tournament which is one of the biggest fixtures on the tennis calendar (in terms of significance, just one step below the 4 Grand Slams - perhaps equivalent to 4CC or Euros?) In the case of Worlds, the ISU needs to bite the bullet sooner rather than later... Especially considering the thousands of fans who will be flying in from halfway across the world. Some statement of commitment (to cancel/proceed as planned/observe the situation and announce decision by date DD/MM/YY) would give some certainty to everyone.
  17. Thank you for the hard work of everyone who did the research and drafting for this letter! It's very damning and I'm disappointed to learn that the Quebec consumer protection authority doesn't have jurisdiction over non-resident purchasers. I'm not going to Worlds myself but I hope the skaters and fans who purchased tickets will get a fair resolution to this issue.
  18. Ooof did Gabi delete her Insta post? In other news, not sure if this is relevant (would be happy for our mods to delete if it isn’t). I’m aghast but unfortunately not surprised that Art On Ice is allowing Morgan Cipres to perform like nothing has happened.
  19. Urgh cut off one head, another grows in its place. You can't save an organisation if its culture is absolutely rotten to the core... If FFSG does get de-certified, how would that impact the skaters? Can they compete in a similar way to the Olympic Athletes from Russia?
  20. I’m not sure how much of the “hole in the ice” issue was shown on the ISU stream, and I saw someone on Twitter saying there was a lot of misinformation going around. My own Twitter account is private so I will just share here what I saw from my seat (long end opposite the judges): Yuzu came on the ice and during the slow-mo replay of Jun’s skate, he spotted the hole in the ice at the short side (my left, judges’ right). He raised his hand and made a beckoning gesture to someone on the judges’ side (not sure who specifically). With his hand still raised, he immediately skated over to the referee to inform them about the hole. He wasn't dawdling near the short side waiting for them to notice him or anything, he went over to them right away. After he explained the problem to the officials, he started stroking around the other short end of the rink (the side that got the koala hand puppet lmao) and landed a jump, I can't remember which. Then one of the ice fixers skated out and plugged the hole with some ice. Once she was done, Yuzu skated over and picked up something that looked like a chunk of ice (not sure if it was excess ice from the plugging or the original chunk that got ripped out) and he tossed it over the boards. All this happened in the time between the end of Jun's skate and Jun getting his scores. Probably someone who sat closer to that end can add more details to this if I missed anything important. FWIW the short end with the hole is the Chopin 4S corner, i.e. opposite to the one where he does Seimei 4Lz and fell on 4T. But the ice fixing did take up a good chunk of the warm-up time before his skate so I guess he didn’t get to cover as much ice as he usually does. Hopefully the less than ideal little niggles he’s gone through here means he’ll have smooth sailings at Worlds!
  21. Hello, not sure someone’s posted this moment before - so much chaotic troll energy 😂
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