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  1. My money's on recycled programs too. But of course, most importantly, he wants to keep people (not only fans) guessing, and that's smart. I'm honestly cool with whatever he chooses to do, as long as there's no more injuries.
  2. A moment of silence for the people in this audience who got hit by this for the very first time And the leather version too!
  3. Stephane is extraordinary. When I watch him skate, it's like I'm dreaming, he is that smooth and moves so well with the music.
  4. Oh no, I live in fear now I also think this may be the last we've seen of Origin... And of courseMasquerade too. Thank you so much Yuzu for these wonderful programs!
  5. We will probably get some footage later with the news right? Right??
  6. Very cute cakes, girls but please tie your hair up when you're making food!
  7. Me innocently checking into this thread today:
  8. Toshl, release the goods
  9. Oh, Yuzuru! Congrats on fully taming the beast!! I'm a little busy these days so I have trouble keeping up with everything that's been happening, but this calls for celebration!! Sorry I have to ask, will we ever get Kobe footage of this day? There is one scheduled next week and one the week after I think, but which days?
  10. ETA: It seems it was a step-out though, not a fall.
  11. We were spoiled last year...
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