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  1. Gaby is iconic Yuzu should do that next time. ETA: For those who did not watch the medal ceremony, she made to climb the top spot, by sheer force of habit, no doubt. Or something
  2. Damn, she's so emotional, others can pick themselves up and move on, but not her, she completely unravels after a mistake. Pity because I like her skating.
  3. It's not even the first time he said it. "Under-rotated but that's OK". I've been hearing this from Ted for the past few days. Sounds like the new party line.
  4. Russians have so many good pairs... other countries could sure benefit from some of the treasures, cause only three will make it to worlds/euros, right?
  5. Stepanova and Bukin were great, maybe the best they've skated this program this year (imo).
  6. That's still interacting, and tweet views, reply, retweet, tag all count toward that. It's really much less (read: not at all) about what is being said, than the fact that the content has made an impact.
  7. Yeah, I just saw it on twitter and everyone is engaging with it, which is exactly what they want. It's probably too much to ask, but it would be great if we'd stop falling for all the clickbait trash and stop interacting with dumb content...
  8. What the heck happened to Aliev's PCs? ETA: LOL nevermind, I confused PCs with TES.... guess it's back to sleep for me So, my boi Petr has the biggest tech of this event. Good boy!
  9. This is wholesome content, but Boyang, are you sure you know how to pet a doggy, it looks like you're checking her for fleas
  10. Maybe that's why they did it. To prevent quad battles and other shenanigans.
  11. Very true. Which is why it's hilarious when their frustration shows.
  12. Well, there was that one when the President of Belarus gave a 20 minute speech, but this one is a very close second.
  13. That really sums up the event - I agree: tacky.
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