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  1. I tuned in briefly and promptly died of second hand embarrassment
  2. Do we have a livestream in English?
  3. Not only us, but they too, were stunned, to the point of angry. ETA: I'm of course very happy for Piper and Paul, I've lost hope to see them podium, no matter how well they do, and yet here they are.
  4. Yeah clearly....they usually get huge GOEs on all elements.
  5. Wait.... what happened there?
  6. So funny, to watch this super entertaining program and know that a super boring program is coming next (which will probably win )
  7. That was brilliant, I've loved this program from the first time I saw it but this was their best performance I think. I didn't even check the GOEs once, I just don't care. I was totally caught up in it.
  8. I really like this program (Beaudry/Sorensen)
  9. It was much better at Chinese Nationals imo. He seemed to enjoy himself a lot and it showed in a very engaging presentation. Here it looked like he focused on the jumps a lot.
  10. I think Boyang has better choreo than Shoma this season.
  11. This competition had a pattern, local favourites were propped up after the SP only to tear them down eventually and give back their due to more well established favourites. Everyone has been making much of it, but in the end, I can't say I'm surprised by any final placements. Actually, now that I've said this, I still remain surprised by Jun's UR calls. I was sure he was built up to be the next star, considering his huge PCs, but maybe it is still too early.
  12. I'm in a good mood too! Considering a while earlier I was crying because of Kazuki. I expected Shoma to win this from the start, and I was hoping Boyang would podium, so I'm happy.
  13. It's like posing for the highschool yearbook photo with these three
  14. Sure lowball him on the PCs What else is new?