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  1. That's still interacting, and tweet views, reply, retweet, tag all count toward that. It's really much less (read: not at all) about what is being said, than the fact that the content has made an impact.
  2. Yeah, I just saw it on twitter and everyone is engaging with it, which is exactly what they want. It's probably too much to ask, but it would be great if we'd stop falling for all the clickbait trash and stop interacting with dumb content...
  3. Happy birthday to the best boy! Always supporting you!
  4. My money's on recycled programs too. But of course, most importantly, he wants to keep people (not only fans) guessing, and that's smart. I'm honestly cool with whatever he chooses to do, as long as there's no more injuries.
  5. This is amazing. Even only by reading your description and seeing the drawing, I could get an impression of what the dream must have been like, so thank you so much for sharing. And the music too! Everything fits so well. Maybe something like this would feel pretentious for anyone else, but Yuzuru is already a legend and this would be so epic. For once I hope Yuzuru is reading this forum and takes inspiration from your beautiful dream
  6. It appears I'm the only one who's fond of this costume and that is fine
  7. How are some people still skeptical after seeing this pic? He totally did it! (and what an awesome pic, capturing the exact moment!)
  8. .....my current avatar is my reaction.
  9. Well Maxim Kovtun didn't delete his God post, and that hard truth still stands.
  10. That's a great story, thanks for sharing it! I'm happy for you
  11. Thank you very much! (and hi cryptid Yuzu! ) Post 1000!! I'm Notte Stellata, wow! I will do my best and live up to the name!
  12. I agree as well. Thank you very much for the translation of the NHK documentary. It was very interesting to read. Dick Button seems to be quite a character. I actually agree with him on several points. Actually I get the feeling that these three people who talked about Yuzuru ended up telling a lot about themselves, between the lines For instance, Evgeni Plushenko appears to dream of a confrontation between Yuzuru and his son, or at least someone he trains, to further their epic challenge of each other - and so he is pushing the 5 consecutive Olympics idea Not undoable, but at this point I agree again with Dick Button - he's already exceptional, there's nothing left for him to prove. Javier's perspective was very warm and fond, he obviously sees Yuzuru as a friend and cares about him beyond the medals and achievements that they've each wrested from each other during their storied rivalry. I also like how the documentary ended, with basically a challenge to Yuzuru - how far will he go? They know him too well, that boy can never resist a challenge I'm hoping at some point it will be available with subs somewhere, so we can watch it, that would be super!
  13. Very touching video from Yuzuru to Javier! And congrats on winning athlete of the year!
  14. Of course he isn't, I was joking Actually though, he's living proof that one's way of life (in his case, a genuinely good one), does ultimately reflect on someone's face, which is the moral of that story
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