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  1. Oh no, I live in fear now I also think this may be the last we've seen of Origin... And of courseMasquerade too. Thank you so much Yuzu for these wonderful programs!
  2. We will probably get some footage later with the news right? Right??
  3. Very cute cakes, girls but please tie your hair up when you're making food!
  4. Me innocently checking into this thread today:
  5. Toshl, release the goods
  6. Oh, Yuzuru! Congrats on fully taming the beast!! I'm a little busy these days so I have trouble keeping up with everything that's been happening, but this calls for celebration!! Sorry I have to ask, will we ever get Kobe footage of this day? There is one scheduled next week and one the week after I think, but which days?
  7. ETA: It seems it was a step-out though, not a fall.
  8. We were spoiled last year...
  9. I like the way you think, and I think you're right
  10. I was thinking the very same thing, but I don't think Yuzuru would risk it. And Brian would certainly advise against it. But, like you said, it is totally worth it. ETA: Maybe, depending on how well the actual performance goes, he can choose to throw the glove, or not
  11. I would love Masquerade to turn into a SP, even if that means the glove-throwing must go...
  12. The halo is just a symbolic representation of the Fanyus' eternal gratitude for the lifter.
  13. I agree, I love the collab with Toshi so much! Probably my favourite FAOI collab. And we have got two new BEAUTIFUL programs!! It's way more than I hoped for. I suppose the only thing that casts a shadow is the fear for that snake of a 4Lz misbehaving (and Yuzu's swollen right hand....)
  14. So this day's show is the one which will be broadcasted?
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