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  1. I can update the first post in this thread with all the info/links if that will help? I would appreciate it if someone else decided which posts are valuable to quote tho because I won't have the time to go through the whole thread before next weekend
  2. Thank you, SparkleSalad, for the effort you've put so we can learn from your experience! However, isn't the foreign sale through that etix site (in english)? Or have I misunderstood and this Lawson thing is for japanese non-lottery sale only and you're just trying every option possible? I have to put my guard up again, all this waiting is messing with my ~knowledge Also, I thought from looking at the 2014 site that there would be a print at home option for the foreigners' tickets? Do you not think there will be one this time and the only option would be to pick it at a store/machine?
  3. It's been a week since MilanoWorlds ended but it feel like I've been waiting forever for this already.... And the possibility of finally having info tomorrow or in a week or a month is getting me more and more nervous Is there a way to email (?) someone from the organisers and ask when the website or first info would be released (cause I doubt they would tell more than that)? #lilbitdesperate
  4. Tea Time Foxtrot? Maple Leaf March? Did they get the names out of a random selection of salty V/M fans' tweets...? And that Entertainment BS... can't even process rn
  5. Have not seen them before and only know that she's part of the Reed clan but she's got good edgework! And this song is actually very beautiful to skate to, never thought of that before The twizzles were actually placed where they fit the music and not in the beginning to get out of the way
  6. That illusion throw-jump entry into that lift by Kavita&Joti .... aaand they didn't show it on repeat
  7. Ah, yes, that ideal world where PCSs counts as much as jumps, big fed support (hype) doesn't matter and skaters are rewarded accordigly.....
  8. I feel like this is even worse... Maybe if Nathan had bombed, the 100 quad programs would've finally been seen as unhealthy and uneccesary. Now we get praise for an empty "program" that got outlandishly overscored and no sound for the few skaters that actually skated (almost) clean but "easier" programs.
  9. Well Paul did have a golden hand...... Maybe judges are scared of Lannisters
  10. I'm a newish fan of Boyang and I cried watching that (and hearing the exclamations and bashing ugh), it was so sad how tired he was by the end... But seeing him try to smile after his skate made me like him so much more!!! And then again in the K&C with the Darth Vader and them playing the Imperial March for a sec, that was a precious moment in the midst of everything
  11. Update, BULEurosport commentator guy from hell now said "We're witnessing the change of the generations"....
  12. I'm obv traumatized by this event but a hundred times more so by BULEurosport's commentator... I've hated the guy since forever (really, he was this douche coach at my rink) and now he was so disrespectful towards the guys and then kissed the hell out of Nathan's nondeserving ***... like, he was screaming... and for reference, he actually smugly said about Misha "He opens with his usual fall on the 4lz LOL"... I guess that's what I get for wanting to watch a better quality than the crappy streams
  13. Misha's bronze and Deniss' skate are what I'll remeber this with, please and thank you.
  14. Welp, that as incredibly boring ... but at least he didn't fall, so there you have it
  15. After Shoma finished I thought "Imagine if he wins with this".... I DIDN'T WANT THAT. STOP. PLEASE. Can't believe I'm saying this but Nathan, if you're gonna win, pls be clean.