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  1. A few questions for those that already applied for the foreign lottery (or anybody with experience): 1. When you apply, you enter your chosen payment method but without filling in actual card details? 2. If you win and actually have to pay (december 4 - 9), is it possible to select another payment method? For example, you first chose a credit card when applying but then you decided to pay with PayPal? Or is the chosen method fixed forever? (I read that you cannot change application details after completion but don't know if that is only about the number of tickets etc. or personal info and payment method too) 3. Also, is it 100% sure that the tickets are bound to the physical device and not the registration on the app? Very sorry if this is the hundredth time this question's been asked, But I find it so.... absurd... that it is like that and just want to be sure
  2. Snooping around for info, a poster on FSU said they called a phone number that was on the JP version of the site and asked for information for foreigners. They said it will be posted on the english version "later" and that a date is not specified, as they are not ready to post it yet. So my take hope is, our emails could still very much count and the more interest shown, the better. Also, I assume there will be at least 20 days or so from info going up to the start of foreigner sales (or whatever method they choose). And since the two first lottery rounds for Japanese fans are already announced, my guess would be those would happen first and then the foreigner stuff.
  3. Thank you @Cleaf for emailing them and sharing the info! Since they only answered now and info won't be up on the site for another month, they must be figuring out the details still. Maybe a bunch of us can email them asking that there be more tickets for foreigners available? It might be pointless if they've already got their schemes worked out and all (likely) but it might be worth a try showing there is interest? Anyway by the looks of it I will be booking flights before buying the event tickets as well which is scary but we've already decided we want to go, competition or not
  4. I can update the first post in this thread with all the info/links if that will help? I would appreciate it if someone else decided which posts are valuable to quote tho because I won't have the time to go through the whole thread before next weekend
  5. Thank you, SparkleSalad, for the effort you've put so we can learn from your experience! However, isn't the foreign sale through that etix site (in english)? Or have I misunderstood and this Lawson thing is for japanese non-lottery sale only and you're just trying every option possible? I have to put my guard up again, all this waiting is messing with my ~knowledge Also, I thought from looking at the 2014 site that there would be a print at home option for the foreigners' tickets? Do you not think there will be one this time and the only option would be to pick it at a store/machine?
  6. It's been a week since MilanoWorlds ended but it feel like I've been waiting forever for this already.... And the possibility of finally having info tomorrow or in a week or a month is getting me more and more nervous Is there a way to email (?) someone from the organisers and ask when the website or first info would be released (cause I doubt they would tell more than that)? #lilbitdesperate
  7. Tea Time Foxtrot? Maple Leaf March? Did they get the names out of a random selection of salty V/M fans' tweets...? And that Entertainment BS... can't even process rn
  8. @SparkleSalad thank you so much for your reply, it was most helpful, especially the links! I have a question regarding the last paragraph of your post, though. I only later realized that in my post I worded it in a misleading way but I am looking at the all event packages and not the separate day by day tickets. With that in mind, surely you can purchase the all event tickets in one sweep and not each day on its own, right? Cause otherwise it kinda defeats the purpose of a package... So if I want to buy just two all event tickets that would be alright in one purchase and I'll be good to go? Also, the premium zone shown in pink is only the first 3-4 rows, right?
  9. Hi, everyone! I'm starting this thread in hope that there are other overeager fans like me hoping to score some tickets for Worlds in 2019 Now, I expect the all-event packages to go on sale soon as they usually do around the previous year's Worlds. But since I don't speak Japanese, I don't know where to look for them. I'm looking for the separate ticket sale for foreigners specifically, so any info about that would be greatly appreciated! Also, did anybody go to 2014 Worlds that were held in the same venue, the Saitama Super Arena? Please share any info you remember about the ticket buying process, the arena itself, what sectors were available for the oversea sale, etc. This way hopefully we'll be prepared when the actual sale starts
  10. draka

    Random Thought Theater

    Since I saw there are a lot of STEM people here.... Happy Pi Day! And on way more of a sad note, RIP Prof Hawking... I find it a little bit comforting that he ~chose~ to go on this day. That, and Galileo having died and Einstein being born on this date, that's a pretty great company there.
  11. draka

    General Yuzuru Chat

    I've been thinking about how today's top skaters could tranform the sport as coaches in the future. But not so much from a skating point of view but from an "actual millenial person experiencing today's problems as an athlete and human" one (for a lack of shorter better way to say it). By that I mean all these skaters whose careers have been impeded by physical injuries and even more so - problems related to mental health. They have all grown up in a skating world that is so heavily influenced by old-timely beliefs and coaching methods that simply aren't adequate today. I think that they, as the ones that have endured the damage, will be able to set new rules and make the sport a better place for the generations to come. Yuzuru specifically, he's shown to be devoted to his studies not only due to his love of learning but has also done so with a greater purpose - to implement it in (his) skating. Having a broader understanding of how being human works in every aspect possible will only benefit the singular experiences. If you recognize how complex we are and work with this knowledge, better and certainly more enjoyable outcomes will follow than if you treat these kids as machines that have to follow a strict regimen and when they fail to do so - be considered disposable. So if Yuzu decides to go into any type of coaching (incl. choreography and whatever other roles you can think of in a skater's team), I think he will bring something new and long-awaited to the field. Also I guess I'm trying to motivate myself as being a part of such a generation that will change/save the world...
  12. draka

    General Yuzuru Chat

    Blasphemy! Lol jokes aside, I think they (we) will remember him. I saw comments on twitter that were saying Yuzuru isn't the GOAT, but Dick Button still is? I mean c'mon, we all have favourites and there were many greats among the years but what Yuzu has achieved IN THIS LEVEL of the sport.... that's gonna be hard to beat and whatever happens in the future, nobody can take that away from him. So safe to say he will be remembered and loved. And several centuries from now, he will be almost mythical (like Seimei)
  13. draka

    General Yuzuru Chat

    I second that, can't really see anybody play him in a fictional adaptation.... good documentaries however, yes please! And other than Yuzu's, there are so many incredible stories of figure skaters who deserve movies more than the current Oscar nominated one....
  14. draka


    Hi there! Just found this forum less than an hour ago whilst searching for reliable sources of info about 2019 Worlds (yes, I know it's still a little early ) and immediately decided to register. I post on GS sometimes but tend to find it a little too much and too US-centric there. Here the atmosphere seems friendly and positive, plus you've got great emoticons! Anyway, my love for Yuzu started in 2014. I skated as a kid but after "retiring" my interest in watching the sport was a bit on and off for years. He was the one to pull me in again and has ruled my fandom heart ever since. My dream is to watch him live and will be manifesting for the right stars to align!