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  1. I definitely won't be going in 2020 with those prices but for anyone that's wondering if the price/ice level ratio is worth it, here's my opinion: Montreal 2020 map / Saitama 2019 map My S level all-event tickets for Saitama were cheaper than the P3 level here (1365 CAD) and in fact were closer to P4 (1080 CAD). Of course in Saitama we could not choose our seats but I got lucky with 4 row short side, close to the kiss&cry and athlete entrance/coach area. Originally I was praying to NOT get short side, that was my only wish BUT LET ME TELL YOU it was the biggest blessing to get those exact seats. We tried seats on the first rows on the judges' side for a practice session but even if you are relatively close to the ice, there are so many cameras, judge/tech panel seats etc that obstruct the view. We also saw another program from the door/entrance at the top of S level judges' side (we could not get to our seats fast enough, those toilet queues anyone? ) and even there the skaters looked like ants. So in the end, from the short side, we could see better. The other side of the rink is not that far (what I feared) and when the skater is close to you, IT'S REALLY CLOSE. Another thing is how the arena is build. Saitama Super Arena has lower but deeper seating stands and from the pictures I saw of the Centre Bell, it has very steep, high-rise stands. So my guess is, if you get P4 and P5 seats (the highest up), it would be really high. Now the good thing is that in Montreal you can choose your seat (?) so my strategy for the best price-to-seat payoff would be: CHOOSE the lowest row/closest to the ice in the orange P3 area on a short side. That would be the first 4-5 rows of P3. Any higher than that imo is not worth that price. If you can afford the red price category P2 then, again, choose the closet to he ice row OPPOSITE the judges so that there are less cameras in the way. Maybe for the red close to the kiss&cry is good too, but don't choose orange behind the kiss&cry cus you won't see anything. tldr: If you decide to pay those bloodsuckers, then choose your seat wisely. Short side IS GOOD and the last rows are preferably avoided. Hope this helps
  2. Throwing this out there since no Pooh rain etc: Maybe we can dress up disneyboud-style as Pooh? Like, not a costume just the colours as a reminder... Though it might be a bit too silly, all red and yellow.... and to give more reasons for antis to troll... and I have no yellow clothes too I really wanted to throw a Pooh since it will be my first time seeing him and it's pilgrimage and ugh
  3. Boston 2016 was a little bit cheaper than Helsinki I think (and Milan had the highest prices of the three). That's what I remember from research anyway, I did not go to any of those I would think 2020 to be somewhere in that region too, maybe around Helsinki prices? Many ppl thought that Milan prices were too high. Also there's no reason to search for prices before 2016 because they've been generally going up (2019 prices are higher than 2014 and those are held in the same venue so a good comparison).
  4. Thank you for answering, I finally managed to pay for mine today! For future reference, turns out you CANNOT pay with a debit card on EMTG, even if it's VISA, Master etc. However you can register the very same card on a PayPal account and it will accept it right away. (I don't think I'll be trying for other Japanese competitions anytime soon but if they continue using this lottery system for foreigners - maybe all these details we got through experience can help someone!:)
  5. Thank you so much for this! This must be it, we didn't think of it. Gah these tickets are so expensive Thank goodness there is a reasonable payment period
  6. People that won tickets yesterday, did you have any trouble paying? My credit card was not automatically billed and now that I try to pay with it (same CC I registered with) it gives me an error multiple times.
  7. Unfortunately my friend did not win so there are no extra tickets to sell here I wish you all the best chance in finding resale tickets
  8. Omg I won all-event!! I still can't believe it If my friend won anything we will be selling cus we're going together, will post when I hear from them
  9. I think reselling tickets from the foreign lottery can only work if you are there yourself to enter with the same phone you won the tickets with. Then have the buyer enter with you or pass them the phone. But without the device it won't work. Good luck to everyone and let the lottery have mercy on us all
  10. Snooping around for info, a poster on FSU said they called a phone number that was on the JP version of the site and asked for information for foreigners. They said it will be posted on the english version "later" and that a date is not specified, as they are not ready to post it yet. So my take hope is, our emails could still very much count and the more interest shown, the better. Also, I assume there will be at least 20 days or so from info going up to the start of foreigner sales (or whatever method they choose). And since the two first lottery rounds for Japanese fans are already announced, my guess would be those would happen first and then the foreigner stuff.
  11. Thank you @Cleaf for emailing them and sharing the info! Since they only answered now and info won't be up on the site for another month, they must be figuring out the details still. Maybe a bunch of us can email them asking that there be more tickets for foreigners available? It might be pointless if they've already got their schemes worked out and all (likely) but it might be worth a try showing there is interest? Anyway by the looks of it I will be booking flights before buying the event tickets as well which is scary but we've already decided we want to go, competition or not
  12. I can update the first post in this thread with all the info/links if that will help? I would appreciate it if someone else decided which posts are valuable to quote tho because I won't have the time to go through the whole thread before next weekend
  13. Thank you, SparkleSalad, for the effort you've put so we can learn from your experience! However, isn't the foreign sale through that etix site (in english)? Or have I misunderstood and this Lawson thing is for japanese non-lottery sale only and you're just trying every option possible? I have to put my guard up again, all this waiting is messing with my ~knowledge Also, I thought from looking at the 2014 site that there would be a print at home option for the foreigners' tickets? Do you not think there will be one this time and the only option would be to pick it at a store/machine?
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