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  1. @SparkleSalad thank you so much for your reply, it was most helpful, especially the links! I have a question regarding the last paragraph of your post, though. I only later realized that in my post I worded it in a misleading way but I am looking at the all event packages and not the separate day by day tickets. With that in mind, surely you can purchase the all event tickets in one sweep and not each day on its own, right? Cause otherwise it kinda defeats the purpose of a package... So if I want to buy just two all event tickets that would be alright in one purchase and I'll be good to go? Also, the premium zone shown in pink is only the first 3-4 rows, right?
  2. Hi, everyone! I'm starting this thread in hope that there are other overeager fans like me hoping to score some tickets for Worlds in 2019 Now, I expect the all-event packages to go on sale soon as they usually do around the previous year's Worlds. But since I don't speak Japanese, I don't know where to look for them. I'm looking for the separate ticket sale for foreigners specifically, so any info about that would be greatly appreciated! Also, did anybody go to 2014 Worlds that were held in the same venue, the Saitama Super Arena? Please share any info you remember about the ticket buying process, the arena itself, what sectors were available for the oversea sale, etc. This way hopefully we'll be prepared when the actual sale starts
  3. Random Thought Theater

    Since I saw there are a lot of STEM people here.... Happy Pi Day! And on way more of a sad note, RIP Prof Hawking... I find it a little bit comforting that he ~chose~ to go on this day. That, and Galileo having died and Einstein being born on this date, that's a pretty great company there.
  4. Well, still not recovered but will post this for now, before watching the videos or anything, so it doesn't distract me from my live impressions. (I had forgotten how different and good it feels to watch high level competitive skating live and now will have withdrawals forever....) Came to this competition with hopes of Alexandra Trusova landing things and winning and got away with the best podium I never knew I needed The ladies truly is the most interesting junior event. Even the first group of ladies was more of a enjoyable and exciting to watch than the junior men before. SASHA ..... Thank you for blessing us with that. No matter what happens next, she will always have her little portion of history from today She blew the roof off the arena, got a standing ovation and absolutely everybody thought she deserved it. Could say a million things more but will keep them for now. Love, love, love. Alenka, just beautiful. Converted me with these two skates. Also shows that a fully backloaded program can feel easy and not at all rushed. Mako!! Another one to watch. Not easy to skate after what happened just before but she did her job well. Loved the program, the dress complimented her movement, wide sleeves can sometimes hide lines but not here. I'm writing hers and Alena's entries last and am tired and at a loss for words already but I loved both of them. Medaled deservedly. EUNSOO my heart! She is an angel! That dress was mesmerising in person. Her skating was fast and steady but so elegant and light too! What a nice start to the last group and such a big difference from everything before. My non-skating friends told me how you had to sit through the first groups to actually appreciate how much better it gets in the last and I agree, I like the buildup. Anyway, she's my revelation from these jworlds... Would've had her above Konstantinova. About Stanislava, I didn't like that program on her, choreo felt a bit overdramatic and in comparison to the other AK this season falls flat... She has nice qualities tho and would love for her to explore a better range of performance styles. Also the people around me loved her. Rika... I liked this program for her a bit better than her SP. Sorry about the axels and sad that I didn't see the ones she landed in the warmup (seriously, how do people manage to look at all the skaters simultaneously??) Yuhana was very energetic and the people around me loved her too! I gave a lil side-eye to whoever pushed a burlesque program on her but if you ignore that, she managed to keep up with the dynamics of the music very well Also she joined the other Japanese kids and cheered on the last group. One of the lovely things of having such an empty arena is that all the skaters etc were just sitting right there next to us and the ambiance was more easy-going Young You, missed her yesterday and judging only from today's skate, didn't really capture me in comparison with others but there is room to grow. I liked how she stayed in character even when she bowed and how the theme of the program was quirky and age appropriate!
  5. The thought of having witnessed THAT live will keep me happy for a long time. Will post again, have to recuperate first
  6. Huh, got back and v tired, haven't read the last 20 pages of this thread but will try to share what I remember from today before it gets buried under tomorrow's impressions I forget it.... So, only saw the last two groups of Ladies' SP and will go by starting order: Alena Kostornaia... she is TINY in person. Almost immediately after her skate she emerged and sat with the other russians right behind us and boy is she smol. It doesn't show on the ice tho, she is very fast, precise and skates bigger than you would imagine if you just saw her off the ice. I wasn't really a fan before but I just rewatched her skate and I'm starting to really like her. Also, spins! Sasha Trusova You're doing amazing, sweety She is crazy fast going into the jumps and they are just. so. good. She will grow more mature into her own style with time for sure, however all those people that say she doesn't deserve her PCSs... well, I don't agree. These girls are fierce and my brain can't muster anything more right now but I love her Rika... I don't know if she was a bit off today in her performace or the fall and shaky landings sucked the air out of it or what but her skate didn't capture me really. Nothing against her, wasn't bad or anything but didn't impress me much? Stasya was very captivating out there! She's never really stood out to me before but seeing her live, she has a commanding presence. That being said, I found the program a bit monotonous - maybe it was all meant to be flashy but it didn't really have variance and it got less exciting as it progressed. Eunsoo @yuzupon this one is for you! She was AMAZING. I haven't followed much of the juniors and most of them surprised me in their own little ways, but ohmygod Eunsoo was fantastic Definitely one I will watch more closely from now on. She was CLASSY, her skating so smooth and slick, it felt very mature and sort of... her own? It wasn't just trying to be pretty but felt fresh. Her jumps were very nice and one of the biggest in terms of length. Will have to rewatch to pinpoint and remember more things but I was VERY impressed with her and would have placed her higher. (Also.... do I really want to go that far...... she might have given me a slight Yuna feeling.... but don't wanna get ahead of myself) Last, Mako Yamashita! Very very much liked her as well, I specifically remember liking her jumps but also overall. Will rewatch as well but definitely wasn't mad that she got that third place. Every other lady from these groups not mentioned, I remember liking something or other about them but can't possibly remember what exactly it was right now. Phew, going to sleep at last. But before I go.... PUBLIC SERVICE ANNOUNCEMENT: That ice ain't lookin' half as bad in person as it does on screen. It just has a very slight yellow tinge to it.
  7. Ah, I'm currently searching for a starting order that has the (provisional) starting times for each skater/group, sadly I don''t think I'm gonna make it for the first groups.... If anybody stumbles upon the starting times with hours/minutes etc for the ladies SP, please post it I don't want to miss the last two (well really, four) groups but yeah... even if I miss Young You in the SP, I'll watch out for them on saturday Edit: Nevermind, found it
  8. [2018] WJC Pairs and ID SP & FS

    Woot, going tomorrow to watch the free dance (and ladies) so if anybody has requests for (my subjective) live impressions for certain favourite skaters, tell me. I probably won't be commenting while I'm there but will report afterwards!
  9. Going tomorrow and on saturday, so excited! The girls will be the most interesting event for sure I hope Sasha will land the quad(s) so I can witness history Also if you want me to watch out for some specific skater and report back, tell me now ^^
  10. General Yuzuru chat

    I've been thinking about how today's top skaters could tranform the sport as coaches in the future. But not so much from a skating point of view but from an "actual millenial person experiencing today's problems as an athlete and human" one (for a lack of shorter better way to say it). By that I mean all these skaters whose careers have been impeded by physical injuries and even more so - problems related to mental health. They have all grown up in a skating world that is so heavily influenced by old-timely beliefs and coaching methods that simply aren't adequate today. I think that they, as the ones that have endured the damage, will be able to set new rules and make the sport a better place for the generations to come. Yuzuru specifically, he's shown to be devoted to his studies not only due to his love of learning but has also done so with a greater purpose - to implement it in (his) skating. Having a broader understanding of how being human works in every aspect possible will only benefit the singular experiences. If you recognize how complex we are and work with this knowledge, better and certainly more enjoyable outcomes will follow than if you treat these kids as machines that have to follow a strict regimen and when they fail to do so - be considered disposable. So if Yuzu decides to go into any type of coaching (incl. choreography and whatever other roles you can think of in a skater's team), I think he will bring something new and long-awaited to the field. Also I guess I'm trying to motivate myself as being a part of such a generation that will change/save the world...
  11. General Yuzuru chat

    Blasphemy! Lol jokes aside, I think they (we) will remember him. I saw comments on twitter that were saying Yuzuru isn't the GOAT, but Dick Button still is? I mean c'mon, we all have favourites and there were many greats among the years but what Yuzu has achieved IN THIS LEVEL of the sport.... that's gonna be hard to beat and whatever happens in the future, nobody can take that away from him. So safe to say he will be remembered and loved. And several centuries from now, he will be almost mythical (like Seimei)
  12. General Yuzuru chat

    I second that, can't really see anybody play him in a fictional adaptation.... good documentaries however, yes please! And other than Yuzu's, there are so many incredible stories of figure skaters who deserve movies more than the current Oscar nominated one....
  13. Introductions

    Hi there! Just found this forum less than an hour ago whilst searching for reliable sources of info about 2019 Worlds (yes, I know it's still a little early ) and immediately decided to register. I post on GS sometimes but tend to find it a little too much and too US-centric there. Here the atmosphere seems friendly and positive, plus you've got great emoticons! Anyway, my love for Yuzu started in 2014. I skated as a kid but after "retiring" my interest in watching the sport was a bit on and off for years. He was the one to pull me in again and has ruled my fandom heart ever since. My dream is to watch him live and will be manifesting for the right stars to align!