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  1. May is about to end... I’m kinda hoping that @virgola can ask the Italian fed and they give a proper answer... not that.
  2. So I’m really new to the whole competition thing... does the local/national federation have anything to do with the planning? Or is it all ISU?
  3. Funny thing... I just tried to send a DM to ISU on Twitter and it wouldn’t let me... it is official, Twitter hates me
  4. Well... I’m actually kind of glad... gives me time to save some more money and try for better tickets... just hope it’s true and they hold to that timeline
  5. Yeah, mine too... whenever there’s an event/concert whatever they just release the tickets like that, no warnings. Like @Louitunes said, GPF isn’t until December so... Patience, they say, is a virtue... hard to find though...
  6. I don’t want to get ahead of myself but I’m getting incredibly impatient, so I went and checked the prices for last year’s GPF in Vancouver. The all-event tickets went from 175CAD to 375CAD, which is 120€ to 250€... maybe prices could be similar in Torino...?
  7. So I started looking into the arena a little more and found this: http://www.palavelatorino.it/wp-content/uploads/Palavela_capienza.pdf It shows how the sitting area is distributed, and maybe the zones won't change much for GPF, so that when the tickets come out, we already know what we want to go for.
  8. Me too! I really really want to go, but if tickets go out in May, I don’t know if I’ll be able to afford them
  9. Have lots of fun at ROI!! Just a heads up though, careful with the rain because it’s been raining a lot these past few days and the storms are moving south, so bring an umbrella!
  10. Is anyone here going to the show in Madrid? I wanna meet more skate enthusiasts!
  11. The article talks about his new SP, about which he doesn’t say anything and about what he has been doing since Pyeonchang. Then, his publicist(?) talks about the season and says “For now, the only confirmed competition is Japan Open...” “The idea is to do Nationals and Euros, and maybe something else, but nothing is confirmed yet” Javi also confirms this is his last season competing... Excuse me while I go cry my eyes out in a corner
  12. Are the tickets on sale already?!!! Can anyone give me a link or something please? I can't find anything
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