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  1. Hello!! First of all, congrats to all of you who got tickets yesterday!! I unfortunately couldn’t, so I’m going to wait until the single event sale in October and pray to every deity that I get tickets. Since this will be my first competition, I have a question for those of you who have already been to one before, is it wise to buy binoculars? I have myopia and, though I’ll be wearing glasses, I really wanna be able to see something without forcing my eyes too much. So I’ve been thinking about buying binoculars... what do you guys think?
  2. Yeah, I just saw that! It’s really weird, like what is happening with those tickets? When I checked last night, there weren’t any left and now there are two? Weird...
  3. No problem!! And congrats on getting great tickets! I just wanted to see how the sale went, since each site is different, for when the standard opens... Seems a little too confusing, to be honest.. Right?! If you're gonna force me to buy it anyway, why separate it?! GRRRR!!
  4. That’s because VivaTicket separated the Gala. Platinum Gala tickets are 130€, Gold are 100€. So if you sum those number, it gives you the original price that was published at torino2019
  5. Relax! One of the only good things this seems to have is that you have 1 hour to complete the payment. It’s easy! Where you got that error message, you are going to see 2 links, you have to click the one that says GALA EXHIBITION, select the platinum option for the gala and choose the same sit you had selected before. Once you do that, it should allow you to complete payment without any further problems
  6. No, it’s just very confusing, but that is already in the price. So if you’re buying Platinum you are paying 765€ extra for the so-called perks...
  7. The gala tickets are purchased separately. So until you have those in your basket, same place, it won’t let you complete the payment
  8. You have to choose “Selezione Manuale Del Posto” and then it’ll show you a map. Everything dark grey is already sold or not on sale at the moment. Light grey is where you have seats available
  9. Guys, for those of you trying for Platinum VIP THERE ARE SEATS BEHIND THE JUDGES AVAILABLE RIGHT NOW
  10. So 1pm tomorrow... let the Hunger Games begin, and may the odds be ever in our favor
  11. Hi! Could you please add me to the info group? If the prices are in my range, I’d be interested in going!
  12. All-event tix for SC are 350$ with fees. I haven’t found All-event tix for IdF but, buying separate tix for everything it comes at around 100-110€
  13. The seats labeled Barrera at Vistalegre in Madrid a had no back, just like the ones in Torino only smaller. And it was not fun.
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