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  1. I'm expecting a higher PCS from Bradie than Kaori in FS...= = (already laughing)
  2. Team Kobe please hire another choreographer for Mai David Wilson is NOT a good fit for her
  3. J1 is blind...How can that judge give +3 to Kaori's loop?
  4. FS will be interesting as some leaders are not known for their consistency
  5. Mai is always robbed no matter what she does... (Thank you JSF)
  6. I'm not that worried though... Her stamina in FS is always a question
  7. Haha...PCS 0.06 lower than Kaori 1st joke of the day
  8. How much PCS will they score for Bradie? Let's see
  9. I enjoy Stasya when she is on...but usually she is off...
  10. Her underrotations were quite obvious even in real time...
  11. I think the Russian Worlds team will be Sofia, Liza and Alina... Finland gets 3 spots next year also!