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  1. anirien

    [2018] Russian Test Skates (08.09-09.09)

    So many Carmen programs over the years, at least use it with lyrics to make it different if you're gonna go there, is my feeling.
  2. anirien

    [2018] Russian Test Skates (08.09-09.09)

    That giant banner of Zhenia is a mood.
  3. anirien

    General Yuzuru Chat

    Oh, absolutely. Yuzu also had the advantage that skating is so popular in Japan that he can make good money still being a competitive skater. I do think it's tough for the sport though, when the Olympics attracts new eyes to the sport and new interest in the skaters and then inevitably a lot of the skater the viewers get interested in stop competing. IMO part of why Yuzu is so popular is because he attracted a lot of new fans from Sochi and kept them watching the sport afterwards. He's been great for skating, but I wish we had more stars like him who could grow the audience.
  4. anirien

    General Yuzuru Chat

    It's true, Lysacek and Sotnikova didn't leave much of an impression on the sport. Sotnikova may have more in Russia but not to the extent or affect someone like Evgenia winning would have had. The rare thing is really Olympic champions who stay in the sport after winning and continue to improve as athletes. Most reach their peak for the Olympics and retire or aren't able to maintain it. The most memorable ones are usually those who had notable careers in addition to the Olympic Gold, which can't really be said for Sotnikova. If Yuzu had immediately retired he might have been similarly forgotten, but he stayed in the sport and cemented his legacy.
  5. anirien

    General Yuzuru Chat

    NHK was definitely the big moment, but there were seedsof it before that allowed NHK to just sort of solidify his status. First it was that he was on Olympic Champion who was still competing and still so young. Olympic Champions are kind of legends to start with and not a lot of them keep going after winning. Then it was his base value, he had a really high base value, hadn't hit his ceiling potential (and still hasn't lbh) and hadn't skated totally clean, so I think there was an awareness that something like NHK could happen if he went clean. And finally he was out there landing quad loops in shows and galas. I think all of that kind of put the expectation out there that he could become a GOAT, but it took NHK for him to solidify his reputation.
  6. anirien

    General Yuzuru Chat

    I remember being super nervous all through Javi and even Shoma. Mostly I remember reaching for my bff's hand when Shoma fell but then she got excited for Yuzu and I told her I didn't want to assume anything because you never know what Shoma might YOLO. I was pretty sure he'd won at that point though, but to be honest I kind of still don't believe it. I've been a fan since before Sochi and it was always the ultimate dream that he might win twice, even though I knew how unlikely it was, so even now I'm still kind of awed it actually happened?
  7. anirien

    General Yuzuru Chat

    Where's the option for "when Shoma fell on his quad loop?"
  8. anirien

    Team China

    TSL's mindset on skating is very much stuck in the past and informed by the past of the sport, back when there was a lot of drama and cattiness happening and gossiped about quite a bit among those who followed the sport closely. I'm not saying things like this don't still happen but my perception of it is that with the advent of social media the skaters all tend to know each other better and are generally friendlier. TSL tends to see everyone's motivations as catty and petty, but I think that says more about them than the skaters they're discussing. As far as I know Lori is on good terms with TCC and it's been known for a couple months that she would be doing Boyang's programs, so if that's the reason then this isn't a new development. Jason is keeping the SP he choreographed with Rohene, with Brian's approval. Boyang does need a lot more work on that front than Jason but I don't see Brian calling off the deal unless idk, the Chinese federation lead him to believe Brian would control Boyang's creative direction and then still sent him to Lori. Idk. Brian's always been pretty flexible with Yuzu sort of choosing his own artistic direction while he and DW were a lot more involved with Javi's choices (possibly because Javi didn't have as clear a vision for his choices?). Seems odd to me. I doubt this is the reason, or certainly not the only reason.
  9. anirien

    Team China

    I think this is an accurate assessment of TSL. They get some insider knowledge and they also hear a lot of gossip which may or may not have any basis in truth. They also have a tendency to assume the worst, ascribe poor motives or behavior and to be highly influenced by trends. Basically take anything they say beyond basic information with a big grain of salt and don't assume their speculation will bear out.
  10. anirien

    [TV Broadcast] Heroes and Future in NAGANO 2018

    Someone's going to record this and post it later right? I need to actually sleep tonight...
  11. You don't need to line up super early for practices. Big arenas have plenty of seating and only a fraction of the audience is going to bother to go to the practices. Maybe the front rows might get taken up early but i find groups also tend to congregate in areas where the skaters enter and exit the ice, for example.
  12. anirien

    General Yuzuru Chat

    This was one of my favorite podiums though, because Yuzu and Shoma tried to link arms behind Nathan and he was so confused.
  13. anirien

    Team Japan

    Maybe he's trying to psychologically condition himself to accept vegetables.