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  1. Iirc selection criteria includes podium placement at Worlds the previous season. He'll be on the team unless JSF is convinced he will be too injured to compete at PC. Not that this makes me feel much better...
  2. Won't Shoma get points from France though? This just sucks. Trying to remind myself that none of the ladies on the podium at GPF before Sochi ended up on the Olympic podium, but it's small consolation.
  3. And here I thought this might be a mostly stress free Yuzu competition for once. Sigh. Being a Davis/White fan last quad did not prepare me for the Yuzuru Hanyu Emotional Rollercoaster.
  4. General Yuzuru chat

    I used to think this too, but turns out there were two other men before Dick Button to win multiple Olympic Gold (one of them three times). Dick Button was the last to do it, so you might say no one has done it in the modern era.
  5. They did ladies medals out in the concourse. Anyone know if they've done that in previous years? If Men's isn't on the ice there might be a stampede to the concourse. (First post here, hi! On site and this seems like a pressing question.)