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  1. General Yuzuru chat

    ... and we were thinking that we need until nationals to be 2000 pages..
  2. General Yuzuru chat

    I'm always a darling Here
  3. General Yuzuru chat

    I read on tumblr that he is going on a hiatus?? I almost had a panic attack. And I come here and ppl are just feeling over gloves?? Is our fandom okay? Was there any false rumours?
  4. If I had tickets for gpf, I would be devastated now, not more than those of you who are in Osaka are. I can't imagine how happy/sure/relaxed we were 24 hours ago. It all seems so destroyed somehow. And Yuzu knowing the expectations on him from us and his sponsors and jsf would be feeling 200 times more worse.
  5. I am at work and I already am crying. This is literally the worst I have felt about someone I don't know personally.
  6. Why is this season so horrible especially for the Cricket team? JHC first, then Yuzu, then Javi, and most of all Brian... I am done with figure skating I think. This sport is too much.
  7. Wait is probably just organising a press on in the middle of nothing
  8. I thought last year was the hard year. Well look at this year. Note to self: Stanning single athletes is hard af. Should go for group sports more.
  9. Honestly I was thinking why he arrived two days into competition. Especially since he has a habit of staying at home prior to nhk or nationals. The fever was why his jumps were not high. And his axis was off too, today. @WinForPooh hopefully this this means injury is not strong. The wait is killing me tbrh.
  10. I felt like I was virtually hugged by this post. Thank you.
  11. What is worrying in this is JSF. I honestly believe that they love him, but he is their trump card for this event and the pressure of gonna be maximum him to compete if he can. So even if he is not going to, they will hold off that news until the last probable moment. Thankfully Yuzu never had problems saying no when he wants to say no. So he would do what's best for him I guess.
  12. Me too. Me too. It would still be painful after 24 hours and would need at least a week off, imo. That's for mortals with normal medical care. I don't know about yuzuru Hanyu with an entire team behind him
  13. I just don't understand what kind of karmic backlash is this. He got where is now without hurting a fly. Someone is playing voodoo with our boy. (I'm sorry, it's 3 am where i am and am having an existential crisis I think)