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  1. I came out to have a good time and I feel so attacked right now.
  2. Anyway, isn't it great knowing that he is not the recluse that media makes him out to be and is a social being who can make jokes about himself?
  3. Kudos to his parents for who and how he is. Most likely he gives Mama Hanyu all the money and then begs her for earphone allowance.
  4. Idk, I think the CoC Phantom destroyed his love for red forever. Now it's blue and purple forever.
  5. Anyone can speculate all they want, but there is really no proof that Yuzuru is anything but a really well adjusted young man who is extremely talented and successful.
  6. Yayyyy on Boyang and Yuzu Bromance!!! to TCC ! Everyone else can go home now.
  7. I just want to say, I'm happy at least Javi won't have to go though this crap.
  8. I think he is proof that one feature doesn't make or break you. May be focusing on his eyes don't do a particularly beautiful image, but he can still kill people with the stare. But when you look at the whole face, there are hardly people who looks more beautiful than him.
  9. If I was on that plane, that would have made me more excited than landing.
  10. Ohhh happy days indeed... Happy birthday to us.. id like to tag our savior, Zuzu Hanyu, PM poohsan, the tirelessly enthusiastic Mods, the regular translators and other info guys.... And the regular commenters who makes this place exciting
  11. Like Brian said, Yuzu is the kind of person who operates best on following goals and he needs a new one since he fulfilled the goals of the tiny terror that was the mushroom Yuzu. (He is 23 and he fulfilled all good goals and I feel so inadequate, jfc). Quad Axel is just that, something he can use to motivate himself and go on. I don't think he has it ready or he has seriously worked on it now, but he would from now on, without the pressure of an impending Olympics. We should not expect it anytime soon but should be in serious watch out.
  12. May be he doesn't know if he would be an adequate gold medal contender in the next Olympics season. That would be why he isn't committing to anything. I mean, I would love for him to continue competing, but he obviously has reached a certain level of contentment with his achievements, and living away from Japan constantly would not be a walk in park for him and and his family, also he has his education and future plans to run, most of which are Japan based. So I would understand if he stops after some more seasons and a 4A.
  13. Of course, he has the most sense of balance and axis than probably anyone ever. I imagine him doing the chest cross before starting to ride.
  14. What I don't understand is why ISO is so late with eastablishing the rules for the next season. People needs to tailor the music folks!! Some of them need to edit it like 36 times.
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