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  1. I am a new fan, I came accross Yuzu a week and one day ago, yes I take count. The first video I saw was his pyeong chang free skate program and I loved it, it caught me in and then I naturally got interested on Yuzu. Every day he amazes me more even if I am watching the same video over and over again. I just love his sense of musicality, the way he is one with skating, the way he controlls music and how he moves his body as he is creating the music along to his movements and let's not talk about how he is as a human being because I'll start a huge monologue:words:. He is just priceless and unique, I want to get to know him better and see more of him, waiting still for it. Hope I get along with Planet Hanyu members!!!:ganba:

    1. Fay


      Welcome, I hope you have found a home here! Nice hearing some more people get sucked into the orbit of our Planet Hanyu! 
      If you have questions, don’t hesitate to ask. Share your opinions. Don’t be shy, people are nice here. 

    2. KingYuzuforever


      Thanks for the warm welcome, I sure will ask comfortably If I have to. I hope I can learn things form everyone. 

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