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  1. General Yuzuru Chat
    General Yuzuru Chat
    2 hours ago, rockstaryuzu said:

    Does anyone have a comprehensive list of all the companies Yuzu has  endorsements and sponsorships with? There's Kose, Citizen, ANA, Ajinomoto, Ghana, that bedding company (I forget the name), Xylitol, Bathclin, P&G (but I think that's over), John Wilson Blades, EDEA Skates....am I missing any? 


    And of course the continued failure of Under Armour to capitalize on his fondness for their gear. I hop they at least send him a free shirt or something, in appreciation for all he's done for them without even meaning to. 


    The list would probably be like this.


    Company or institution Products or campains Style of endorsement Duration Note
    ANA Hello, Blue, Hello, Future Appearing in commercials and promotional items 2013- ANA has been supporting Yuzuru as their affiliated athlete since 2013
    Ajinomoto Amino Vital, Kachimeshi Appearing in promotional items 2013- Ajinomoto has been supporting Yuzuru through their "Victory project" providing meals at competitions and offering nutritional guidance since 2013
    P&G Thank you, Mom, etc. Appearing in commercials, promotional items and special events 2013-2019 P&G has been JOC's official sponsor and started supporting Yuzuru in 2013 as he was likely to compete at Sochi2014. They started sponsoring Fantasy on Ice as well and still are one of their sponsors.
    Lotte Ghana, Xilitol Appearing in commercials and promotional items 2014- Lotte has been supporting JSF for a long time
    Phiten Rakuwa, socks Appearing in ads, involving in product development 2014- Phiten has been supporting Yuzuru through providing their products
    Bandai Namco Monster Hunter 4G Appearing in commercials and involving in creating a promotional item 2014  
    Docomo Cell phones Appearing in commercials 2014  
    Japanese Red Cross Society Hatachi no Kenketsu (blood donation campaign) Appearing in commercials and ads 2014-2017  
    Bathclin Kikiyu and other bath additive Appearing in commercials and promotional items, involving in product development 2015-  
    Tokyo Nishikawa Bedding, towels Appearing in commercials and promotional items 2015- Nishikawa has been supporting Yuzuru through providing personalized items and advice on sleep since 2015
    Tour de Tohoku Promotion of Tour de Tohoku (road bicycle racing competition) Appearing in ads and commemorative items, putting an item up for charity auction for raising fund for the event 2015-  
    Kose Sekkisei Appearing in commercials, promotional items and special events 2019-  
    Citizen China Watches Appearing in ads, involving in product development 2019-  
    John Wilson Blades Blades Appearing in ads ?  
    Edea Skating shoes Appearing in ads ?  

  2. translation of watching Ballade
    General Yuzuru Chat
    4 hours ago, FlyingCamel said:

    We are getting a lot of this these days! Another dancer reacting to Yuzu haha, although I can’t read Japanese so I don’t know what genre of dance she does

    Thank you for sharing! She is a competitive ballroom dancer who has been enjoying watching figure skating for a long time. In this video, she is talking about Yuzu focusing on how he maintains, creates, controls balance. She thinks that when it comes to physical activities, balance is everything, and calls Yuzu "balance no oni." (=a demon at controlling balance) The way she talks about Yuzu's movements is analytical and interesting, so I roughly translated the part she discusses PyeongChang SP and the summary after that. Hope my translation is comprehensible...



    (from 02:28)
    So, let's take a look at his SP at PyeongChang this time. First of all, this costume looks very good on him. He is very handsome and has a very good figure. Just perfect. 


    (Beginning of the program)
    Now, I am going to discuss this moment.
    First, he rolls his head, and the movement followed by the right half of his body. Then he draws his left shoulder and his left pelvis closer and shifts his weight on his left body. Then he switches direction from forward to backward. I think he is making use of the weight of his arms well. Also, he doesn't change the center of gravity.


    (Where he glides backward bringing both arms up)
    Then he brings his arms up here and slightly changes direction. Here, it looks that his left shoulder and right pelvis get aligned and transfer enough weight to the floor (ice)


    (Where he turns into the spin after SE-4S-SE)
    Now, his blade switching direction from forward to backward. First, he is turning while facing the same direction. Then his head follows the rest of his body along with the flow. This part is also super cool.


    (Where he goes out of the spin)
    Please take a look at how he uses his right hand from here... Here. Do you see he is swinging his right arm around from his elbow? This is where he is creating a balance. 


    (Back-outside counter into 3A)
    Now he goes into a jump facing forward. It's a triple Axel. Here, he goes into it from going backward. This is very difficult, but he maintains the center of gravity while changing direction, and he has to take off right after that... This should be difficult.


    (After 3A)
    Hanyu senshu moves his hands very elegantly, especially when he folds his arm as he does here. This is one of the things that make him cooler than other men's singles skaters.


    (4T-3T Rippon)
    In the next element, he brings his arms up while doing the second jump. This is super difficult, right? What makes this difficult is that you have to bring your arms up without losing momentum to rotate, and you have to bring your arms symmetrically, to maintain your balance. That's why this is difficult but he does it very beautifully. So cool, don't you think?


    Then he goes into the Stsq. I want you to pay attention to how he maintains the alignment between his chest and his knees while moving very fast. After all, even when he is moving this fast, he maintains such coordination.


    (Before he goes into the final spin)
    And the next thing surprised me was... now, he is rotating counter-clockwise... and this moment, he starts rotating clockwise. I thought he would push with his left foot and rotate on his right foot, but he continues rotating with his left foot. What is difficult about this is that you need so much energy (t/n: to maintain your balance, I guess) when you change the rotating direction, but he can do it naturally by neutralizing the momentum within him. This is a superhuman feat.


    (After showing the PyeongChang SP)
    What I found incredible about Hanyu senshu is how he control his balance. After all, you need to be able to move all your joints separately to maintain balance. Dolls and scarecrows easily topple when they get slightly off-balance. If they were humans, it is like all of their joints are fixated. If they can move their joints, they can maintain balance even when they stumbled. Dancers like us are focusing on how we can use our joints softly, and I think Hanyu senshu is probably doing the same. I guess he is paying attention especially to hip joints, ankles, and shoulder blades. The way he expresses the sound is so cool. To talk about his physique, he isn't unnecessarily buffed, has a very good figure, looks handsome, and can captivate the audience with his facial expression as well. So I really am his fan.


    Next time, I would like to discuss Mao Asada, so if you enjoyed this video, please click on the thumbs-up button. See you in the next video!


    4 hours ago, memae said:


    It reminded me a lot of Nobu (I think he was with Shizuka A? don't quite remember) talking through Yuzu's H&L step sequence about the arm position and how it made it exceptionally difficult to balance but he made it look so gorgeous and easy (and then he stacked it while trying to do it himself lol)

    For the record, it was Shizuka who did H&L Stsq first without much upper body movement and then with upper body movements full of up-and-down to show how it affects the difficulty and the GOE. Nobu tried to prove the same point doing a loop turn with and without upper body movement and that's when he tripped. He also demonstrated how the angle of the upper body would affect the success rate of the loop jump. 




  3. The Great Glittering Planet Hanyu Glossary (or welcome in fandom lingo)
    The Great Glittering Planet Hanyu Glossary (or welcome in fandom lingo)
    16 minutes ago, LadyLou said:

    I myself am not so sure about the subtle difference between shu-paa su-ton


    From Ice Jewels

    4Lo - "Shuu-paa"

    4T - "Su-pan"

    3A - " Su-ton!"


    and of course (from Number)

    Moving forward from a taut position - "Ton-ton-ton-ton…”


  4. Autumn Classic prediction game
    Autumn Classic prediction game

    Just occurred to me to play a game for AC.  I’ll be at the event so I might be slow in getting results.  Someone else can do results if people don’t want to wait for me.   



    If you make any changes to your predictions, please edit your original reply rather than posting an additional one.


    I suggest predicting a top 4.  If someone withdraws, I’ll bump everyone you predicted below that person up a spot.  



    1 point if your skater ends up within 1 place of your prediction.

    3 points for every correct placement

    2 points for every correct answer to bonus questions


    These are the entrants



    1. List the top 3 in each discipline.


    Bonus Questions

    2. Will Yuzu skate a new program?

    3. Will Yuzu land either a 4 axel, 4 lutz, or 4 flip? (eta: this is a yes or no question. If he lands any of these but you guess the wrong jump, you still get the 2 points)

    4. Will a lady land a quad (as called by Tech panel - i.e. for purposes of the game, Liu’s lutz would be counted as a yes)?

    5. Who will get the highest raw pcs score across all disciplines?


  5. Zuzu's titles
    General Yuzuru Chat
    1 hour ago, rockstaryuzu said:

    Yuzuru Hanyu, Father of 4As


    Not even Khaleesi could compete with THIS list of names and titles  :LOL:


    Yuzu Wingborn of House Hanyu, Emperor of Figure Skating, Protector of competitive Skating, Spirit of the Olympics, Pride of Japan, Survivor of Tohoku, Son of TCC, Breaker of Records, Blogger of Beauty, Smasher of Gloves, Mother of Pooh and Father of Nessie. The Man, the Myth, the Legend.


  6. gorigori skating
    General Yuzuru Chat


  7. The Daily Spread Eagle
    General Yuzuru Chat

    The editor Poohs have been diligently working to recover the Daily Spread Eagle's editions right after that legendary free skate (unofficial reports presume that they were misplaced during the Pooh Hunny Riots of 2018) and have unearthed two hunny stained copies:

    23 minutes ago, Hydroblade said:

    pyeongchang-2018-olympics-logo-A44E48654|February 17, 2018



    King Hanyu wins his second Olympic title

    By Hydroblade

    With an outstanding performance that moved the whole world, King Hanyu skated to the top of the podium at the Pyeongchang Olympics.

    Gliding to the sound of bewitching taiko drums and mystical rhythms, the King overcame the difficulties that appeared on his path to glory during this season, cementing his status as the Greatest Of All Time🐐. Prime Minister Pooh was still unable to attend, although his presence was felt in the most glorious of Pooh rains observed until now that was cast upon the Gangneung Ice Arena, among the cheers of the crowd who had the privilege of supporting the King in his most important battle yet.  

    In a public ceremonyu, the King received his second Olympic Gold Medal, a feat that was seen for the first time 66 years ago.


    This event had repercussions on our planet, in the form of a joyous Mt. Irene eruption which contained glittering Gold dust, a faint and sweet chocolate scent, and an unknown teal colored powder that vanished the whole paprika population of the planet. The altars set up on the planet's various rinks were reported to shine and the Pooh Special Forces had to be called, as the minion Poohs staying in the King's palaces began to riot and threatened the planet's hunny supply.


    We extend our congratulations to the King, hoping for his health and looking forward to his feathery form at the Exhibition Gala.


    4 minutes ago, Hydroblade said:

    Sunday April 15, 2018


    A total success: Continues~with wings~, the King's special Celebration Party.

    By Hydrobladelarge.jpg

    The three-day long special party hosted by King Hanyu in Tokyo, Japan, was a complete success.
    With important figures that have inspired our King's prosperous reign, eager crowds witnessed his return to the ice.
    According to our previous information, the King wasn't going to be able to skate during the celebrations, due to the injury he sustained last year. However, he presented a no-jump version of past programs complete with the original costumes, which evoked a sense of nostalgia and pride among the crowds.
    Prime Minister Pooh, who was watching from the sides, spoke for the first time in his newly restored tissue box cover version. "It has been amazing to watch the Yuzu recreate such important moments such as his first senior program, Romeo and Juliet 1 and of course, Parisienne Walkways. I hope that everyone feels that same happiness of looking at how far he's come since he was a noodly little prince."
    The King invited kids to ask him questions on stage, showing us his kind big brother side, as well as a brief talk show with his idols. He also demonstrated some of his signatures moves, with the help of Takahito Mura.
    "Next time we see each other, I will be jumping" Declared King Hanyu on the last day with a mischievous smile, making everyone hope that that day will come very soon.

    You can read past editions here

  8. white tee
    General Yuzuru Chat

    they still uses the white shirt pic tho :laughing:

  9. General Yuzuru Chat
    General Yuzuru Chat

    :5a7ce9d358326_offtopic1: Someone uploaded the entire gala (in 1080p quality) on youtube!




  10. tech links
    Ice skating FAQ and introductions for new fans

    :whiteflag: This is a simple and easy to read series of posts about Figure skating:

    http://chibura.tumblr.com/post/15355390 ... skating-in


    This post make it easy to understand about turns and steps: 



    And part 2 http://the-real-xmonster.tumblr.com/post/163068736314/turns-and-steps-explained-22


    If you have questions about skating technique, jumps and how judges give out scores, please share your questions here.



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