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  1. Yay you got it too! I was super excited when i got it too, couldn't stop smiling like an idiot the whole day
  2. Woah! That is extremely cool! Thanks Whoopie
  3. What kind of disc is that? Sounds like an interesting device!
  4. The Chinese version of Aoi Honoo ships internationally. I live in Singapore and I got it in a few days. Here's the link to it: https://www.books.com.tw/products/0010860823?sloc=main
  5. Okay so my mother and I always write letters to her Japanese pen pal. In the most recent letter I told her that I really like figure skating, especially a certain space kitty. And she sent me a magazine about FS that's roughly 60% Yuzu It's called 'Trace of Stars' and I'll share some photos soon.
  6. Oh wait! I almost forgot this! This awesome poster comes with it too!
  7. Here's more from the first book! And here's the second book! The bigger words say "Bearing the pain of injuries, the King still turns all adversities into motivation". The back of the second book. I'm not a 100% sure, but I think the quote means "I hope that everyone can realise what they hold dear through this book or that I could spark your thoughts on various issues". Sorry I'm not really sure what it means. That's all for now! I don't have any photos from the second book because I have not opened it yet. I'm a happy cactus from the CM and have decided to ration the second book to when I've dried out
  8. Here are the photos for the Taiwanese Aoi Honoo! Sorry it took a while (and also for the photo quality). Thank you to @yuzuangel and @rockstaryuzu for your help This box cover is very pretty and I think it suits Yuzu really well This is the close up of the box. I love the embossed feathers, it adds a lot of detail to it! And here's the front cover of the first book. I especially like the line at the very bottom which roughly translates to "The First Autobiography, a look into the beginnings of the King". The lines in these quotation marks「 」mean "I want to skate with all my heart to show my gratitude". And here's the back cover of the first book. The quote means "Giving heart stirring performances, achieving stellar results through hard work ------- being able to move people with these aspects is the beauty of the sport that I have chosen". Let this cute little bean brighten your day. Wait oops I'll upload the rest in another post, the rest of the images aren't showing up
  9. Give me some time for the Taiwanese Aoi Honoo photos. I need to figure out how to post photos
  10. Me too! They all look wonderful Thank you to the people who made them!
  11. By the way I have received the Traditional Chinese version of Aoi Honoo Would you guys like some poorly taken pictures of it?
  12. https://www.gopetition.com/petitions/figure-skating-to-improve-judging-system.html Is it too much to hope that I*U will listen?
  13. https://www.kose.co.jp/sekkisei_myb/yuzuru-hanyu/en/ I don't know if this has been posted here already but I must say that Sekkisei has really good taste and knows just how to market their products and as a teen with no spending power I am crying at all the merch I'm missing out on hahaha. But at least I convinced my mother to buy the taiwan version of aoi honoo :')
  14. Now I really want a huge stuffed carp.it's funny how you never know what you're missing in life until you see it (just like discovering yuzu)
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