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  1. Sorry to interrupt the discussion , due to many real-life issues I couldn't follow Yuzu this season till literally today. Can anybody tell me when/where will he be competing? I'm looking at Japan Open but I don't see him.
  2. Ciao a tutte! Non posso ancora credere di essere riuscita ad acquistare il ticket per il libero di Yuzu oggi. Ho avuto troppe spese quest'anno, mi ero quasi rassegnata e invece andrò a vederlo dal vivo per la prima volta. Sono contentissima!
  3. Omg, I get it now, thank you! I'm such a mess purchasing tickets online...
  4. So I paid for them and then I received an email that said: "thank you for your purchase, click HERE to download the tickets". Do I have to do this?? Are they digital?? I thought the site would send me the physical copy of the thickets at my home address so I don't know what to do. Sorry, I'm really ignorant regarding this type of things!
  5. I'm refreshing the page and indeed it seems that the sale will start at 3pm. I might be mistaken though.
  6. Guys I've been up all night waiting for the sale of single tickets to commence but I'm really tired now, do any of you know when the tickets actually go on sale? Here in Italy past 1.30 AM.
  7. Goodness I had no idea about this. Anything else us newbies should know?
  8. That makes me feel a little less anxious, thank you. This is the only time I can see Yuzuru live and so I'm quite pressed. Life of the fanyu I guess.
  9. God, my country is always late for things like this. It's embarrassing.
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