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  1. I actually did it too!!! I was in section 113 row 7 and when I (and a couple of lovely people I met there) heard the happy birthday reprisal we started singing our hearth out!!! I was particularly special because Yuzu was still almost directly under us! Honelty this time I think he clearly heard us. So glad we did it again
  2. I'm at home after watching him skate and I'm still not ready to talk or read about it. I just wanted to ask if anyone filmed the post victory celebratory laps? Towards the end the crowd chanted again happy birthday and it warmed my heart.
  3. Do you know when the medal cerimony will be held? I really want to go home after it.
  4. Well I'm about to sign off. I'll sleep a little, then I'll get up at 3 AM to catch the train for Turin. I'll arrive at 6AM Gosh, I'm a bit scared, I hope there will be people hanging around the arena before 7AM, what do you guys think?
  5. What his coaches tell him: "Winning is not everything, take it easy." What Yuzuru hears: "You are no goat, you're a Dragon. Be a Dragon."
  6. Yes! It felt like a strange, scary cathartic fire running through my veins. I'm living for this feeling. This is what Yuzuru is capable of doing, nobody else is like him.
  7. Can I just add that I feel so privileged being his fan? Today's emotions are as complex as they are beautiful. Thank you, you crazy boy, for turning our world upside down yet again! But please rest a bit now
  8. Well then, this is what he lives for and i respect him for it. I'm all in too, come what may.
  9. He wants to show ISU and the world that he is not done. It might be a bad move for his body, but it has given him a mental bust. I think.
  10. So his max score with this layout is 245 points, could Nathan's layout beat this?
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