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  1. Thank you everybody, your kind words matter a lot to me!!
  2. It's crazy what's happening in the world. I live in Italy in the red zone, already quarantined, and now our WHOLE country is on lock-down. I'm praying for Yuzu's health. Be safe everybody
  3. The 4A is only one point higher.... what a mess. Poor Yuzu, he is fighting more against ISU than even Nathan.
  4. I'm ignorant on this topic so I'll ask ... can he still win against a clean Nathan with only four quads?
  5. Thank you!! I'm feeling better already knowing that I'm going to see Seimei!!!
  6. Hello all! I've been away due to my health issues and have not followed what happened to Yuzu since the Gran Prix. Could anybody tell me if he is alright? I can't wait for the next competition!
  7. ... what clip it is? Was he crying again at the gala? I swear I never wanted to hug someone so much in my life.
  8. I actually did it too!!! I was in section 113 row 7 and when I (and a couple of lovely people I met there) heard the happy birthday reprisal we started singing our hearth out!!! I was particularly special because Yuzu was still almost directly under us! Honelty this time I think he clearly heard us. So glad we did it again
  9. I'm at home after watching him skate and I'm still not ready to talk or read about it. I just wanted to ask if anyone filmed the post victory celebratory laps? Towards the end the crowd chanted again happy birthday and it warmed my heart.
  10. ... I made a short comment of about one line of text, answering, from my point of view, a realistic take on Yuzu's recent positive media feedback. If people are seeing a sentiment that warrants that many paragraphs, I suppose the next time I'll write a comment I'll end the sentence with a cutesy emoji. Honestly.
  11. I agree with this. I think that part of his newfound "calm" is found in having a greater goal than just beating another skater. I don't know if you've seen this post on Reddit analyzing Yuzuru's interview, but it pretty much says the same you wrote here.
  12. Really now, I answered another with my thoughts regarding this issue. I'm not interested in proving anything. Let it go.
  13. ISU changed the rules partly because of the impact of Yuzuru's skating. There are some things that are quite transparent to me, but everybody is entitled to their own opinion on the matter.
  14. Sadly, this might be it. They want Nathan to destroy the Idol to become the new one. Otherwise, people will still be talking about Yuzu no matter what the achievements of his rival will be.
  15. If we want to be truly cynical... they may be building Yuzuru's status up so that, if Nathan wins at Worlds, then the public will hail him as the greatest; the one who beat the Master, not a 30% Yuzuru coming back from a serious injury. Maybe my suspicious is too twisty?
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