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  1. What section are you located in? My ticket is a restricted one in the N section so trying to work out where it is in relation to where you are sitting.
  2. Awesome thanks for that! Enjoy the show!
  3. I’m heading into Kobe today so I won’t be rushing tomorrow. Quick question: I have a gift to put into the performers’ box (for Tessa and Scott since it’s on behalf of some Aussies). Does anyone know if you can drop it off a day early because it would save hassles doing it on the day tomorrow. Hope anyone who is going has a great time!
  4. I managed to get a restricted view ticket at Kobe, won't know until I pick up my ticket a few days before the show where the actual seat is (except it is in the B Reserve section). Does anyone know how restricted the viewing is in the venue? Since I've never been there before, just want to be prepared etc, whether to take binoculars just in case, etc.
  5. I would have gone for the other cities, but it was the only one I could make since I’ll be home here in Australia and then on a Trafalgar tour during the others. Oh well I hope others have better luck!
  6. Yeah I didn’t have any luck getting a ticket for Kobe. And AMEX couldn’t get one either. 😔
  7. Yeah that's the same one I'm after / well waiting for general sales. So not looking good for my chances in May to grab them. *sigh* Good luck with trying to get one too!
  8. Thanks for that! I'm trying to find someone in Japan to help out, so far no luck. So I might have to go with the general public. But crossing all my fingers and toes in a hope I manage to get one
  9. I was looking at the lottery tickets for Kobe, (since I'm doing a Trafalgar Tour and will be in Japan in June - but Kobe is the only one I can make). But because I'm outside Australia I can't participate with them. I've got an AMEX contact who will be on my behalf when the general release tickets become on sale. But I was wondering since people in here have more experience in obtaining tickets, etc. How are the chances that they will succeed in getting a ticket when the tickets go on sale? Thanks for all the information everyone has posted in here, it definitely has been helpful thus far!
  10. Thanks for the translation of the above articles. Love that cover for Training Journal.
  11. Hi I'm Nadine. I had been lurking over here for the past year, but finally decided to join (also the fact I'll be in Japan in June, kind of pushed the joining part).
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