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  1. Translation of Ambesi's interview (I used also @Rora1608 translation for the middle part). Sorry if my english isn't perfect, I tried my best ! I didn't translate the end, it's was on Ice Dance and the problem of maximizing everyone scores and levels, but if someone absolutely want it, I'll do it after spleeping. Although @Rora1608 twitter will probably do it (or another italian speaker there ?)
  2. I'm on it ! I've got time for translation Ahah we're all wondering ! And be an Olympic sport too ?
  3. This is an accurate description of this quote : "I urge to laugh at anything for fear of being forced to cry over it" (Beaumarchais)
  4. This is going to be difficult for me to swallow ... oh, I just spit it out !
  5. I'm wondering too, now ! My old statistics/mathematical side can't actually handle that I mean, I know you already know all of this but : - PCS that could be judge be different juries (TR = one jury, SS = one jury, IN PE CO = one jury). TR could actually be measured in term of time/ratio, and the difficulty and quality would still be judge by judges. Perhaps put some level/points for entry/exit of jumps ? - GOE : it's seems actually to function like the PCS (on a scale -5 to 5, -5 being extremely poor and 5 being outstanding) more than following the bullet (actually judges seems to follow the code when it's negative GOE, because ... whatever !). And use some IceScope stuff for the objective criteria (lenght, height etc ... compared to the height of the skaters). - And of course, the tech panel that seems to disfunction now and then. Setting cameras and reviewing slo-mo from different angles, is it that hard ? And comparing it live with texbook jumps from ISU footage ? Code question : is a full blade take-off penalised by GOE ? or is it only Edge problem that are penalised by GOE ?
  6. Yes, from what I gathered, Yuzuru is really an independent guy, with strong opinion and few influences, just making is own path. For the better and the worse of others' sanity
  7. Sometimes things like that make me remember why I never really got into figure skating ... until now (or is it ?)
  8. Well, for they seem to have apply the limited PCs if there is a fall (wow congrats !)
  9. Ha ha to my mind it sounds like ''Death of joy'', like the ''disappearance/extinction of a joy of a certain person/moment''. Well, Romeo and Juliet die at the end so ...
  10. Oh interesting ! Don't worry the syntax is perfectly fine, I was just really curious about such a 'sad/wistful' meaning.
  11. Seriously, I don't know if it's because I'm old (not that much though but nearly half of my life is done I think !) .. or because I'm just a very calm person, that follow so many sport that I got used to that sort of stuff, but I'm going to try to use that help some of you not to stress ! Yuzuru Hanyu is alive and not injured ! He brought, and is still bringing to us, art. And when he'll retire, all his memories of victories, silvers, missing podiums ...etc will be a beautiful picture, because in it there are more beautiful things than awful things. Imagine him being 80 years old and reflecting on that 2S popped and this Loop practice it's nothing ! His legacy is much more important than that ! @hoodie axel lol ''la mort d'une joie'' what's that ?
  12. If Brian loses all of his hair today I won't be surprised ! Seriously he need to know that people love him no matter what
  13. Just wondering: (sorry for OT, just need an answer ;;) Is there a rule saying that you can't have more than 9 in Performance if you fall, which means that a judge can't gave higher than 8.75 (or is it the overall performance component score that have to be under 9.00) ? If it's the case, I don't understand some components judges gave to Shoma (nothing against him eh! ).
  14. Well I did a 3Lo during the 6 min warm-up before the SP ... there is really something with that loop. Loop, I beg you, be kind
  15. Wow I missed the SP (and apparently it was better like that !). Sending all my beautiful thoughts for a happy Yuzuru after the free
  16. omg I totally forgot that you had to skate (so yes, en dehors for leg in the hand is ''possible'' but not for the standing leg ... unless you do a spread eagle-spiral ...?) I guess I was already so happy seeing him doing a spiral that my mind picture him in a dance class rather than on ice ! Figure skating isn't ballet anyway lol
  17. Come on!! the hip en dehors isn't perfect ... but perhaps it gave him idea for his next program ? 4T-3A-eu-3S? 3A-3A? I'm ... is this a new way to tell judge to change the rule about sequence ?
  18. Wow, everyone did great in the two last group ... except Rika. Well, 12 points, is nothing, is it ? I wish her just to do great on Friday, as well as everybody :))) This is the most useless message but anyway I feel so 'torn apart' after this sp !
  19. Well, we don't actually know how Ice Scope do its measurement. But if anyone knows, please correct me
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