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  1. omg I totally forgot that you had to skate (so yes, en dehors for leg in the hand is ''possible'' but not for the standing leg ... unless you do a spread eagle-spiral ...?) I guess I was already so happy seeing him doing a spiral that my mind picture him in a dance class rather than on ice ! Figure skating isn't ballet anyway lol
  2. Come on!! the hip en dehors isn't perfect ... but perhaps it gave him idea for his next program ? 4T-3A-eu-3S? 3A-3A? I'm ... is this a new way to tell judge to change the rule about sequence ?
  3. Wow, everyone did great in the two last group ... except Rika. Well, 12 points, is nothing, is it ? I wish her just to do great on Friday, as well as everybody :))) This is the most useless message but anyway I feel so 'torn apart' after this sp !
  4. Well, we don't actually know how Ice Scope do its measurement. But if anyone knows, please correct me
  5. He seems to have more speed though, so perhaps that's why.
  6. Yes PJ Wong is a women and Jackie Wong is a guy !
  7. yes, I get what you mean. It perhaps means also the time should arrive to fin a better balance between PCS and TES that is going higher and higher (correct me if I'm wrong or missed something !)
  8. Men Elisabeth LOUESDON (Referee) FRA Leena LAAKSONEN (Technical Controller) FIN Evgeny MARTYNOV (Technical Specialist) UKR Masako KAWAI (Assistant Technical Specialist) JPN Ladies Nadezhda FIODOROVA (Referee) BLR Mami MAEDA (Technical Controller) JPN Vanessa GUSMEROLI (Technical Specialist) FRA Katerina KAMBERSKA (Assistant Technical Specialist) CZE
  9. Muhahaha 2) < 1) is way too funny My mind have mixed though between : ''did nobody in the ISU though about that before ??'' and ''ISU surely though about that, forgot, remember but though it was impossible, forgot, but now they are currently reevaluating theirs views and preparing a new rule''
  10. That would be much much more logical ! (I would even say a 10% for 4+3 sequences because quads lol)
  11. What about replacing ''win'' by ''win decisively'' in the equation ? Is this the reason why I love a lot more of SPs than FPs ? Yes !