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  1. Perhaps the persons who came across your post didn't know the answer to this (as I did, I'm very sorry ). Putting a friendly reminder isn't being a jerk
  2. I was a piano teacher once, to make a little bit of money. So, you don't know, your teacher is perhaps a fanyu ... (or you're perhaps going to turn her/him into a fanyu ahah)
  3. This, and the rest of your two posts about art in Yuzu's programmes : thank you Hearing your feelings put in the right words is always so satisfying !! I think if my internet connection hadn't stopped during a week I'd be still in this phase... Perhaps it could made ISU reconsider the 80% rule about sequence ... or even make a special rule for combo like 2S-Eu-4S
  4. Talking about legacy ... we know there a lot of skaters influenced by him, but there is also a Japanese rhythmic gymnast (2017 WC bronze with hoop) who's using H&L music (I confess my brain didn't understand first, I had a moment of wavering ...''what's happening !" !!) It was her first performance, so it's not perfect and flawless (the music cut may also distract some of you), but still great to see a Japanese athlete of another sport using his music ! Also yes this app seems real fun (although excel sheet is always more discreet at work ....)
  5. Also ... apparently in the Solar Term (24 sekki or Daxue), 7th december stands for ''LARGE SNOW'' day 大雪(たいせつ) we need a snow emoji And there is no meaning for 6th or 8th december. Special meaning only for the 7th. Calculation? Everything ! if someone if interrested ...
  6. Also this one is on Chopin and she's just mesmerizing (and a great one too .. don't know why, something about Chopin !)
  7. Yep, she's basically considered as a Queen in RG. She won 2 OGM, 17 world titles (3 for all-around competition, it's a little bit like the world title you get in fs competition), 12 european titles, broke WR I don't know how many times. She was the first to do win 2 OGM and she still is (and I think it will still be a record for a long time...). She dominated rhythmic gymnatics nearly during all her senior active period 2007-2012 (she started competed in senior in 2005). It's actually quite succesful in Japan (not as much as fs though !), especially since Japan team started getting medal in single and group events (Kaho Minagawa won bronze in hoop event in 2017, Japanese group won 3 silvers and 1 bronze in the 2 last world championships. And of course, Olympic Games Tokyo 2020 is arriving soon !)
  8. Troll, troll again Yuzu till the last moment ... even the entry made us believe ! AND THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR SKATING PORTAL ! I wish it a long reign
  9. Thank you ! I still don't know much about figure skating, so sorry for not recognizing Alban Préaubert' voice. I realised they were some conversation about him earlier (page 4248 in the General Chat & GP Rostelecom Cup Men SP page 73 the ego problem lol). I didn't dig enough !
  10. "Juliet, don’t die. If Romeo dies, I die." Logic 100% Also does anyone know the name of these two commentators (french speaking SUB and no it's not Monfort and Candeloro) ? Actually, they are pretty funny because, at first, one of the man seems quite skeptical on the capacity of Yuzuru Hanyu to break another WR (it was just after his first WR at Skate America 2012).... But then at the end, he's totally convince, can't believe what he just saw, saying ''This is the 2014 Olympic champion" and "he's landing on the ice like a feather" (ah ah if only he'd known the meaning of 羽). This cannot be more accurate !
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