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  1. Continuation of Brian's interview
  2. Nobu revealed why Stephane Lambiel was very angry when Nobu and Yuzu recorded FaOI backstage clip. It was because Stephane's table was moved few centi meters. He started shouting and asking who did it. Kao Miura told that Kenji Miyamoto did it probably, but he was innocent. Everyone was confused because a little move of a table is not big deal. Nobu assumes that Stephane himself pushed his table and didn't notice. They're so funny.
  3. Yuzuru doesn't want to use the word,retirement, since it's a new beginning as pro athelete. He is healthy and leaving ISU/JSU. He's sure he won't miss competitions because he has plans. He guaranteed to make us nervous as a competition. So he won't let us just relax and enjoy. We're still on the roller coaster.
  4. Photographer Wakasugi says that he must erase SNS photos in 24 hrs. Also, photo article of Nikkan Newspaper is limited for 24hrs. This could be common rule for some other FaOI photos. So hurry if you want to download them. https://twitter.com/tshashin/status/1530146791479726080 https://twitter.com/nikkansports/status/1530105949834268673 This post has been tagged by yuzuangel as [NEWS].
  5. Fanyu skater managed to do hydroblading with H&L music and costume. He performed SEIMEI, too.
  6. Details are so beautiful There are gold stones in crystal streams. This post has been tagged by yuzuangel as [NEWS].
  7. Soccer coach, Akihisa Okada, tweeted about Yuzu's graduation. This post has been tagged by yuzuangel as [NEWS].
  8. John Wilson sponsored fanyu skater. How nice
  9. ToshI's fan drew manga based on another radio talk about the photo. After FaOI show, ToshI pretended he's looking for something and waited for Yuzu. He wanted to take a picture but couldn't ask. Yuzu noticed and said, " Let's take a picture together." And ToshI "fangirled" so much.
  10. So cute! Towel bear/cat can be made without cutting or sewing. Instruction is shared in a twitter thread.
  11. They put American skater's name to reassure he's not the only one with two Olympic gold. " Clean " quadruple loop means he's not really the first one. In fact, the other skater tried, but it was invalid. Fans don't care about the award or some individual's bias. Problem is that they're official organization who run the sports, make rules, select judges., etc. I can't imagine how Yuzu has to be strong to get through circumstances. But we know he's not giving up.
  12. I just want to remind that Olympic SEIMEI got 10M views already. Exact same video was uploaded with Japanese title by NHK officially. It appeared on top when 羽生結弦 was searched and had so many JP comments. March in 2018, NHK reported that the most viewed digital content was Olympic SEIMEI with 3.3M views. I think it had 5~6M views last year. Recently, I noticed it was erased or closed. I wish they uploaded only one official video from the first place.
  13. The sign in Ice Rink Sendai says, " This thermography camera is installed by a donation from Yuzuru Hanyu senshu."
  14. That's right. He got straight A+ ( level 5 in Japan) in every subject through whole school years. It's almost impossible. Instead of using sports referral, He took normal exam to enter the university. He's bright and hardworking. source
  15. Google translation of an article source
  16. From the comedian's tweet, yuzu fans noticed that he recently left an autograph at " Magic museum " in Obihiro, Hokkaido.
  17. https://www.sendai-meguri.jp Please download 10 parts separately to get high resolution photos. First link (all 42pages in 3.8MB) is low quality.
  18. Accurate manga of what Toshl said in Nico live Suddenly, Toshl wanted to skate in a show, and Faoi staffs were shocked. He checked white skate boots in Amazon. In his fantasy, Yuzu holds his hand and teaches gently. Faoi staffs had serious discussion and stopped Toshl to avoid injury.
  19. They will upload official free PDF of Sendai meguri after July 14. Please don't buy expensive one in auctions.
  20. ANA Holiday Inn Sendai served special cocktail, " Yuzu syrup. "
  21. They're reselling special version of this IFS magazine(2012) with extra pictures. ¥100 from each purchase will be donated to the disaster area. https://www.mag-mart.jp/title/05453
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