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  1. I love how the camera was 90% on Sasha and Evgenia Evgenia is definitely not my favorite skater but I hope she skates well this time, I felt so bad for her when she fell in SCI
  2. I woke up at 4am just to see Liza and Young You falling on their 3a at least Satoko is 2nd I'm not so sure I'll watch the fs live since it's an hour earlier ;_;
  3. I just love how Kaori covers the whole rink without any fear This concept is so cool
  4. This is me right now Tbh I just woke up to watch Shoma and Nathan I find men skating pretty boring lately
  5. Nam is really feeling it and I already like him Like a lot
  6. Didn't like Young You's program but good she was third, I'm curious to see more of her I don't dislike Trusova at all but yeah, she's only jumps Evgenia's program felt empty too IMO Marin was the better performer overall and Rika
  7. Marin was lovely she made me remember why I like watching this sport
  8. I arrived just in time to see Yuzuru He was so good, I couldn't believe the 4s and actually repeated the jump like four times so I go delayed on the stream
  9. Yes Rika did well I actually liked the step seq it was funny
  10. let's go girls omg I want at least four of them to win
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