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  1. I think the music is boring (I prefer the sp music a thousand times) but well for Shoma
  2. Yasss shoma didn't fell on his but this time Ugh I love seeing Stephane w/him
  3. I wanted to mention this the other day but I didn't cause I thought it was only me, but I'm still not over 4cc so I'm rewatching some of the programs, and I noticed (even more) that the music seems off? it seems really noticeable in Yuzuru (the seimei drums), Nam Nguyen and Keegan (bad quality of audio), and Sui/Han (they were not that in sync) FP to mention some. And I remember in some of the ladies programs too, but I have not re watched those yet.
  4. After seeing this gala I wish he realizes H&L is a masterpiece too and takes it as his fs for worlds. Just kidding (but honestly not kidding at all). He's just so dreamy
  5. Yuzuru hope and legacy is just simply perfection. Omg the feelings. I literally can't
  6. I really want to stay until Yuzuru but its too l late im dying already Hope and legacy😍 I knew it
  7. I just hope Yuzuru knows that his fans love him I am sad it's over, 4cc was such a warm competition ... now have to wait for worlds
  8. Omg they invited Donovan to the gala Im gonna cry
  9. Im already drunk lord help me I love Junhwan so much hope he kills this
  10. Ok I get it now I forgive Yuzu then for that ugly color😂
  11. I think my stream is a little behind but I dont dare to move it cause it is behaving so well lol Lovely Nam and Keegan. Just love theeem Here it goes
  12. Wow Kazuki, that was intense. I really liked it
  13. Really liked Han Yan (he's very good looking too) I love Camden's fs music
  14. Im so proud of Donovan anyway. Such a shame about the lutz but he's just so admirable.
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