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  1. sorry if it's not appropriate to post it here: Can someone kindly take some files for me and my friend? I'm still in Tokyo city center, so I'm not able to arrive in time. I will go to the arena during 7~7:30 pm tonight. Really appreciate if someone can help!
  2. Just my personal opinion. I think it would not be easy to find buyers here for 4cc tickets, so you may want to post the message in other forums/social media if you really want to sell them. After yuzu withdrew from GPF, many people tried to sell the tickets at low prices, and 4cc tickets are more expensive than GPF.
  3. I didn't know there is a figure skating tour! Is it arranged by a travel agency? Also, where is the stop of free shuttle? Thanks.
  4. I'm in for dim sum! Anyone has recommendation for good dim sum place? Let me know if you guys decide to meet up~
  5. I believe you can choose the quantity when you apply, so no need to reapply.
  6. I'm wondering whether it's linked to the sim card or the phone? For example, if I have multiple sim cards, can I apply it multiple times?
  7. The lottery for all event tickets was over and I heard that the chance of winning that ticket was very high. https://www.tv-asahi.co.jp/figure-wtt/2019/ticket/ Not sure about the general sale, but I guess at least the resale ticket would be easier to get compared to worlds.
  8. Wow! I got 2 C tickets for 3/21. My choice was S, C, B, so maybe C category is easier to get? It's kind of unexpected since I didn't put much hope. I entered the lottery using a friend's account. Originally I was looking for a proxy, so I posted this question on FB looking for advice. Then, one of my college classmates working in Japan said he can help me. It's so sweet since we haven't talked in the past 10 years, we didn't even talked much while in school. If anyone has 2 tickets for 3/23 but only need 1 and also need a ticket for 3/21, we can do an exchange so no need to sell the ticket. Let me know~
  9. NHK一定比較好買的,羽生沒去 我也覺得加拿大很好,票價也合理些 不像這次四大洲賣500~600美金真是嚇人 就是要用日本手機號抽籤啊,已經結束了,等結果 對外國人賣票就不指望了,感覺就沒什麼想賣給外國人
  10. 去GPF啊,一直都有二手票出來 如果覺得太遠的話,冰演的票應該比較好買 今年六七月羽生冰演的票,剛放出來幾天時我都還有看到剩的,在一些比較偏遠的地點,但坐新幹線去也是很快
  11. If doesn't work that way. Don't know why many people believe it. If people can get money back whenever they change their mind, it means the ticket is refundable and the seller doesn't need to call it 'insurance".
  12. I just used my friend's account to apply. I chose paper ticket and it seems like there is an option to pick up the ticket at Lawson store so the shipping address is not required. From what I heard from other internet source, the all-event ticket needs to be picked up by the same person, but the single day ticket can be printed at Lawson machine which seems to be a lot easier for some people. But I am not sure the information is accurate. I'm not too worried about different names. I guess they will check ID when you pick up a ticket at places like ticket office, but it's hard to check ID for every person at the gate.
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