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  1. It seems Yelim didn't get any calls on her lutz either, although it doesn't make the placements less debatable, of course. The judges seem to be overlooking the lutz edge in general, punishing just the wrong flip edges. I hope Alena is okay - I wish she could find a good coaching team in Russia because she deserves much better than these programs, really.
  2. She's prone to pre-rotation yes, but I don't think her being prone to UR is true, sorry. Actually she was probably at her worst back in Euro 2018 due to injury but even there, she didn't get above the 90 degree mark: http://the-real-xmonster.tumblr.com/post/170064292284/hi-people-said-some-of-zhenyas-jumps-are-ur-in
  3. I didn't want to imply that lenient calls and +GOEs on her lutz didn't deserve any criticism, it most certainly does. It's just to say that her edge isn't overlooked to the point of never getting called because this seems like a rather widespread belief. But while her +3T is UR here because her flip landing was a struggle, I don't agree with her combos usually being prone to UR in the past, at least not for more than 90 degrees. She has many issues to fix wrt her jumps but I wouldn't say UR is one of them.
  4. That's a myth actually. She got called on her Lutz very often in 2016/2017 season, you can see exclamation marks in her protocols for the entire GP series. Should be getting e but I'd say it wasn't a completely overlooked problem even in her most successful season.
  5. After hearing the news, I finally gave in and got an account These choices just show how much of an auteur vision Yuzuru has now. He is not only using some of the iconic programs in the past of figure skating, but he is also making them about his own personal history as a figure skating fan. I'm #TeamYagudin all the way so I have to stay on brand and be excited more about Otonal but I can't to wait to see how Yuzuru will approach Plushenko's most Plushkenko program and make it his own It's probably his most challenging choice after Hope & Legacy. I feel like we are about to witness something very special and I can't wait.
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