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  1. Oui parce que je suis française eh eh😉
  2. I feel the same thing, your words are so kind🤧, I love them🙏❤
  3. I feel the same thing, it will be a long process to recover. Because is an unforgettable and magical part of our lifes. 🤧🙇‍♀️❤
  4. Wonderful words for a wonderful man🤧🙏❤
  5. Any idea about the ice rink which could be chosen, please ?🙏😊
  6. Do you know which Ice rink in Espoo could be chosen, please🙏😊 ?
  7. Please somebody helps me to find a link to watch Gala
  8. Hi😊! Do you know if a stream link will be available to watch him on Sunday 🙏?
  9. hello, I need help ! For worlds of Montreal, Would someone have some idea where the quadaxel could be located ? Is section 116 possible ? And the Victory ceremony ? Thanks in advance
  10. Thank you for your answer ! If you find a solution please keep me in touch . I am totally lost
  11. How to participate in lottery with proxy? I am french and I don't really understand. I thought we must need a japanese credit card and a japanese phone number and I don't have them unfortunately ? Could you give me please any advice ?
  12. Bonjour, où pourrais-je regarder Fantasy on Ice 2019 retransmis? Youtube ou autre?
  13. Thanks ! I need to take a look at it !
  14. Just a little question just to be sure and better understand the process : how to purchase tickets for Fantasy on Ice when you are French ? Is it possible on line with Lawson or something else for example ? Is a japanese phone number required ?
  15. HAPPY BIRTHDAY !!!!! It's a fabulous forum with fabulous people !!!! I am so happy to be a part of Planet Hanyu family!!!!!
  16. Hi everybody ! Do you think Yuzu's assignment could be in SCI of Kelowna ? I know that every year the all event ticket's sell is before assignments ! It's too hard...
  17. Do you still have your D3 row2 ticket full even fo 4 days?

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