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  1. Thank you so much! I actually did a post on twitter a while ago stating that I never thought figure skating had more drama, gossip and plot twists than "telenovelas", lol. And yeah, Yuzuru is amazing. I am really glad I discovered (?) this young man, he's giving me a lot of happiness and also life lessons, and trust me, I never thought this would be possible, at the moment. I'm not that involved with World Cup because of some problems but of course I root for my country, but I will check the thread when I have time. Anyway, thank you again for the welcome and I will try to get more active
  2. Yes, today I was feeling especially emotional and cried while reading the article. And then I realized what he had really done. I can only imagine how it is living there, not even a supermarket, and perhaps even the prejudice against them Thank you! I will try to post more, but I'm a bit boring and just like to enjoy reading. I'm a very new fan of Yuzuru (since last Olys) and my English is bad isn't great. I wrote because I was too anxious to let everyone see how Yuzuru has, in two days, showed the kind of person he is. My admiration for the person Yuzuru only grows, and
  3. Hello, this is my second post here on PH. I was reading about the visit school and wondered if you have read the article about the city and the condition of the school he visited? It's on twitter. I'm not sure if I can post the link here?
  4. Olá, alguém aqui nesse planeta disponível para trocar ideias sobre Yuzuru? Nem sei o que escrever mas como esse é meu primeiro post não queria escrever nada errado, heh. Muito bom saber que existem pessoas no forum que falam português.
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