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  1. I don't want to watch this sport anymore... But for Yuzu I must support. I'm just so fu-king done with the judging
  2. mọi người ơi có ai biết Fanpage Việt Nam của Yuzu ở trên facebook bị sao không? Mình không truy cập được?
  3. Does anyone have the list of skaters order and their programs?👀
  4. This channel is always fast with subbing. They deserve more recognition. This post has been tagged by robin as [NEWS].
  5. Something cute for everyone during this dark time
  6. I do like most of his costumes - Seimei 2.0 blew me away and NS in my opinion is the best costume that was worn by a man. But as for Otonal, I had to talk myself into liking it last year and I'm glad I like the new version a little bit better. However, with a body like Yuzuru, this one is almost... underwhelming for me (it did his waist unjustice, and I'm not okay with that!). But yeah, everyone has different taste, and I'm admittedly clueless when it comes to fashion, it's just that I saw so many costumes I like this season and wish to see something like that on skaters I like.
  7. Okay, unpopular opinion here, but maybe Japanese skaters need to step up their game in the costume's department (and yes, I mean Yuzu too)
  8. My twitter timeline is going crazy over a video of Yuzu as Citizens ambassador but it got deleted after 5 minutes.
  9. Does anyone know where I can find the CBC commentary for Yuzuru's FS at Worlds 2014?
  10. This is another video that I think Yuzu's fan should watch, some lyrics really hit me hard. When I first got to know who Yuzuru is, I had no idea I could be so in awe and protective of someone, a sportman no less.
  11. Jeez, what kind of real life anime protagonist is he?
  12. http://tokyojournal.com/rankings/food-3.html Some kind of voting. You can vote for many categories, sports, films, shows...
  13. this is what I want to start my day with 1000% better than coffee
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