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  1. General Yuzuru chat

    I know who you are talking about. He is my ultimate bias in kpop. A funny coincidence is that I saw the news about his dating "scandal" (I still don't understand why dating is considered a scandal in kpop even after 7 years of listening to kpop) the day after watching Yuzu skate his short program in Boston. I was so sad because I saw a lot of fans leaving the fandom and badmouthing him and the girl. I personally was happy that he was dating. It's weird how the reason I remember the exact date is because of Boston. However, I don't really like thinking about Boston.
  2. General Yuzuru chat

    I checked the world anti doping website and the US anti doping agency because honestly they can't be that different in what is and what is not allowed. The only "strong" pain medications allowed are codeine, hydrocodone, and Tramadol, according to the US. Which, honestly they are pretty weak compared to other pain medications given in the hospital setting. Most patients out of surgery will ask for something stronger for pain.
  3. I'm so happy!!!!!!! I am so proud. Yuzuru Hanyu two time Olympic Gold Medalist
  4. I am so nervous. I am shaking
  5. My mom did the same thing!
  6. Not by much, Yuzu's H&L tech score at 2017 Worlds was 126.12
  7. I know but it irks me that his tech score surpassed Yuzu's H&L. I know he deserves it but the stress from waiting for Yuzu to skate is fueling my saltiness lol
  8. I'm so salty about the tech score
  9. I'm so nervous. I can't keep still!!!
  10. They are smiling and laughing so much! This practice made my year lol