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  1. I found out Yuzu on Youtube. do these broadcast companies think they'll squeeze more money out of FS and Yuzu if they do this
  2. Oh, thank you for the correction. So is the GPF 2019 going to be in France then?
  3. I think Johnny Weir mentioned while commentating that Yuzuru would practice jumping from a standstill or something like that when they were together during shows in Japan. Brian did say that Yuzu really loves to practice - and it shows Before China backed out of the GP, the president of the French Federation was saying that "they got Hanyu" for the GP... and with their commentators, I'm glad Yuzuru went to Helsinki instead Like what Kurt Browning said (it was him, right?) everywhere Yuzu skates it's a hometown crowd
  4. What I don't like about them is they are always using Yuzu as clickbait then just shade him in their broadcasts or "whatever". I really hated it when I was new to FS and didn't know them and had to listen to them because I didn't know better. I get it that not everybody loves Yuzu, but don't use him. And I agree wholeheartedly with @BWOZWaltz It's not just that Yuzu raised the bar so high, for him excellence is its on reward. Yuzu's ethics and principles won't let him coast on anything, not even his 2 OGM - that's why a lot of people thank him for pushing the sport higher and better. I get teary-eyed when commentators say thank you to him for not r***....., some like Kurt even say they are honored to watch him skate.
  5. I think Origin will definitely evolve in the same way Seimei did. After his talk with Nomura Mansai and one change of a movement, it became different and continued to evolve. Finally, Seimei became something totally Yuzuru's own by the time he competed in Pyeongchang. Hope and Legacy felt the same way to me, always evolving. May it is also both Yuzuru and us, the audience, changing and evolving too as the season progresses. One reason why I really love his skating over anyone else's.
  6. Origin is based on the Kojiki, which may be just mythical stuff for Christians or other religions, but are as real to the Japanese who believe in Shinto as a Catholic taking the Communion during Mass. I think the premise of Origin is a being a "kami" and being freed from the world of spirits to become part of this world. You read enough of Japanese myths and it's all about battles and conflict too between the gods, hence the fierceness. It's not all angels and harps for other people of different cultures. I think we are free to have our own interpretations but to say that Yuzu's image is that of a demon without understanding the background is really too much.
  7. Probably because he was fighting the ice so much, working too hard not to fall.
  8. I think it's more the promise of perfection that is really making people gush (I cried during his SP and FS). All the imperfections were there and nobody ignored them but it's that Yuzu skates so movingly and beautifully and in such a high level considering his 2 OGM that's shaking people to their very emotional figure skating core. Both CBC and the British uncles couldn't stop saying "thank you" to Yuzuru for continuing to skate. Maybe that is why there is such a euphoric feeling. I don't really watch other skaters, but so far with what I have seen, Yuzuru's skating was just so beautiful and stirring. It has come to the point that commentators are outright saying he is the GOAT when before this season they were just on the level of "one of the GOAT". Being called the "finest figure skater ever" counts the same as the GOAT, right? Additional: I mean after his injury and Pyeongchang, everything has changed, even a little bit.
  9. The new themes are so beautiful. I chose Yuzu in Bloom because Yuzuru and flowers are perfect together.
  10. It's a shame. Instead of using Yuzu's popularity to help showcase the other events. Maybe they are saving bandwidth? Is it a budget thing, livestreaming?
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