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  1. Hey! I'm interested in sharing the airbnb. I've reserved a backpacker in the city central but i'm considering a more convenient location. Is it within walking distance to the arena? So one night per person if sharing would be 39 CAD?

    1. Cleaf


      Hi Nobutan,
      Unfortunately somebody has pm'ed me already about the room.

      However, I've seen more rooms available for similar prices on Airbnb.

      So if you find somebody else to share it might be more convenient than city centre?


      We should meet-up, though :tumblr_inline_mzx8xsVPrg1r8msi5:

    2. Nobutan


      No worries! ^^ I decided to stay at the city centre after all since I also want to do sightseeing in Vancouver and I think city centre is easier to reach from the airport. I think a meet up with everyone sounds like a wonderful idea yes!:tumblr_inline_mfy936EPNF1qid2nw:

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