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  1. Huhuhu I have the same questions. I wasn't lucky with the lottery pero ny flights are booked na :O
  2. Anyone got the schedule for Rostelecom?
  3. spacekittylei

    General Yuzuru Chat

    The news is up on Japan Post site: https://www.post.japanpost.jp/notification/pressrelease/2018/00_honsha/0829_01.html And I've been trying to figure out how to pre-order online
  4. We definitely need this! Not sure if this has been answered yet but, the first 2 days (Mon & Tue) are usually for official practices. Events usually start by Wed until Saturday, with the Gala on Sunday. Here's the time schedule of Worlds 2018: http://www.isuresults.com/events/WC2018_ColouredTimeSchedule.pdf It can be a bit confusing but the colored blocks are practice schedule per discipline
  5. Oooh! That looks interesting! And I couldn't agree more on that part about being soundproofed. Though I wonder if modifying the Karaoke TV to stream the show is legal in Japan.
  6. @Cleaf, @moonangelica I wish us all luck for the tickets! Glad to know I wasn't the only one who got flights already. Been reading a lot of people talking about securing event ticket first, which makes sense since they'll be flying halfway across the world. And will definitely keep my eyes open for anyone planning to organize a meetup or a viewing party. @SparkleSalad Thanks for the info! So for live viewing, are these the ones usually held in public spaces like auditoriums? Yeah, I'm guessing this wouldn't be too foreigner-friendly esp. with the lottery and JP number requirement. BTW, what ever happened to your plan on renting a karaoke box? Can it be a good alternative for live viewing or sports bars?
  7. Per day ata ang tix instead of per discipline so baka mabilis ma sold out yung dates na kasabay ng men's and ladies. Pero yeah, crossing my fingers as well. Kahit men's FS or Gala lang, happy na ako. Though getting a Gala tix will eff up my Japan itinerary.
  8. Are there anyone here planning to be in Tokyo / Saitama during Worlds week even without the assurance of event tix? I figured that since it'll be during the cherry blossoms season, might as well proceed with the trip (I already booked a 1-way tix) and enjoy the view. Also, does anyone know if there will be viewing parties in Tokyo / Saitama that can accommodate foreigners? That could be a good alternative to watch the competition and meet fellow fans.
  9. Not really super active. More on regularly updated then may maglalike but not much other content poster aside from admin. We're kinda hoping to make it more active and lively. True! Tapos imagine if Daisuke Takahashi gets to go to Worlds (though, afaik local competitions till Nationals lang ang target niya), it'll be a bloodbath. Regardless if I get an event tix, I'll still be in Japan that week so baka mag abang outside the arena or sightseeing ng cherry blossoms. Sure i'll dm you my deets~
  10. Lol, iniisip ko kung part na ba ako ng telegram group na to hahaha. Hey guys! Feels great to be back. Medyo nag hiatus ako from PH. Anyway, is anyone from the group planning to watch Worlds?
  11. Is it because of the summer heat? Lol, I kinda weird nga na we're kind of quiet when Yuzu's been blessing us with all the off-season shenanigans. Should we do a Daily "something" just to liven up the thread?
  12. Happy 1 year guys!!
  13. Abang-abang na lang ng news sa twitter later today. I wonder if he'll get to meet Princess Kako.
  14. Guys! Di ba today yung pa-Spring Party ng Emperor sa Imperial Palace? The one where Yuzu got invited? Do you think there'll be live coverage for that?
  15. And it seems like it wasn't just with Yuzu. Even pics ata with Boyang got deleted as well. Ugh, I too hope that this incident wouldn't affect her relationship to her fellow skaters. Also, aren't these fans glad that Janny (and other skaters too) are sharing Yuzu content that we wouldn't have the chance to see? Segue lang, our local customs held my Sendai shirts hostage. I have to call them up and pick it up from Pasay. I really hope I wouldn't be taxed so much.