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  1. Is it because of the summer heat? Lol, I kinda weird nga na we're kind of quiet when Yuzu's been blessing us with all the off-season shenanigans. Should we do a Daily "something" just to liven up the thread?
  2. Happy 1 year guys!!
  3. Abang-abang na lang ng news sa twitter later today. I wonder if he'll get to meet Princess Kako.
  4. Guys! Di ba today yung pa-Spring Party ng Emperor sa Imperial Palace? The one where Yuzu got invited? Do you think there'll be live coverage for that?
  5. And it seems like it wasn't just with Yuzu. Even pics ata with Boyang got deleted as well. Ugh, I too hope that this incident wouldn't affect her relationship to her fellow skaters. Also, aren't these fans glad that Janny (and other skaters too) are sharing Yuzu content that we wouldn't have the chance to see? Segue lang, our local customs held my Sendai shirts hostage. I have to call them up and pick it up from Pasay. I really hope I wouldn't be taxed so much.
  6. OMG! I can totally see this happening!
  7. ^THIS! Hahaha, akala siguro ni Brian mababawasan na stress niya wih Javi out of TCC. Oh boy, he's in for a surprise with the yuzu x boyang duo!
  8. Still, I think it'll be a fun summer for Yuzu! And maybe Boyang can help Yuzu on his 4Lz.
  9. I keep on forgetting about this! Will this push through? Will there be live coverage? Lol, I remember some antis making a big deal about his stay in Waseda. Lol, as long as he's not kicked out, I think he's doing fine. Speaking of Waseda, I was soo tempted to visit their campus the last time I was in Tokyo just to look for Yuzu traces. Pero since he's taking online classes, i doubt there'll be any in the campus. OMG. I'm more amazed that someone actually answered! And they;re really good advice hahaha. Napaisip ako sa last one. Is he vocal about celebrities / ladies that he likes? I vaguely remember him saying he liked Maki Horikita but I can't place on when was that. I can't blame him though, Maki sure is cute!
  10. Same! Especially after his announcement in CiONTU na he'll choose programs that he like over programs that'll score well. I hope he'll skip it so he could rest properly. I still feel uneasy na everytime he speaks to the media, his condition during Olympics gets worse and worse. Pero half of me want him to join FaOI because I think what he really wants is to have fun with fellow skaters during ice shows. He's been missing out on a lot since he got injured.
  11. OMG, bby come baaack! loljk, rest up for the next season! xD I wonder how much of a hermit he'll be before next season. Iniisip ko kasi if he he still have media obligations from Olympics or talagang see you next season na?
  12. Aaaah thanks for sharing!! I wanted to watch it din nung Eiga Sai but the screening scheds were all weekdays huhuhu
  13. I already asked TG and she said na until supplies last daw. Axelstore's pre-order naman is until May 11 kasi June na ang release niya. I agree! The dolls are sooo cute! Huhuhu, I was actually surprised that they made a merch out of it. Nakita ko na kasi siya before as a fanmade thing. Check out this twitter account:
  14. Actually, medyo nabitter ako nung una about the prices but when I realized that there's an 800 yen shipping fee + the amount of hassle it would save you from dealing with customs, I figured it's the most ideal way. SAME! Hahaha, but getting hold of those items is too hard! I read na nung opening date, the line for the exhibit and merch were almost 8 floors!
  15. spacekittylei

    [2018] Continues~with Wings~

    Are there non-Japanese fans currently based in Japan who managed to pre-order? I'm planning to place an order and have it shipped to a friend's house but I'm having trouble signing up for an account in axelstore. Is it required to input the registration details (name, address, etc) in Kanji and Katakana?