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  1. I love ball jointed dolls so i googled to see if anyone made some after yuzuru, I managed to find these to images. are these actual dolls? who is the artist who made these? and if you have some more yuzu dolls like this you know about please do share!
  2. what are the chances that yuzu will participate in the final? I wonder how he's doing
  3. where can you check what the current points are for who gets to qalify for the grand prix? like how are you guys keeping track of who needs to win by what rank etc
  4. I always make a short prayer for yuzuru when he's about to go on during the live competition. But tomorrow I wont be able to watch the show because of other matters my prayers and heart is with him! you can do it yuzuru!
  5. Just so I know I'm seeing this correctly Shoma and Michal are already confirmed right? Sergei is a bit ahead so thats 3 people. Put in Yuzuru and Nathan and thats 5 so theres only one spot left which is either Keegan's or Jun's?
  6. the finalists are based on their scores from the 2 grand prix events each person is assigned right? so does that mean junhwan cha just might make it into 6th place? I hope so, I would like to see him compete in the final, he's like a rising star
  7. I still cant figure out the nuances between the jumps and there respective difficulty levels but YES SLAY YUZURU
  8. what would be better to use, the eurovision ISU live stream or that ok.ru fan stream
  9. have i gone blind or is the thing in the OP that told the time of the events in our time zone gone? i remember seeing it a few days ago and now i cant seem to find it anywhere some help
  10. the practice will be livestreamed? when is it? i tried to check the schedule i didnt get it
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