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  1. What Hogwarts house would Yuzu belong to?

    Woke up to see lots of posts too. Shocked that all of a sudden Harry Potter world entered the planet . Decides to delurk and add to the conversation. Sorry @KatjaThera . My take is Yuzu is a slytherin. Didn't based it Dumbledore or McGonagall but Merlin, the greatest sorcerer of all time. Coincide with Yuzu's GOAT title. Rowling said that in her world Merlin was a Slytherin. Merlin is powerful, noble, loyal to King Arthur and would do anything for Camelot. He is brave and cunning when facing his enemies. He's also a fantastic tactician who keeps his secrets and plans close to his chest until the right time come and not loud and bold. Leave that to Lancelot who is probably very Griffindor. So that's my take.
  2. General Yuzuru chat

    Been trying to catch up to this massive thread. 3045!!!. Congrats all on the 3k milestone. @Floria Thanks for the upload dear. And thanks to @kaeryth for the vids and @cinemacoconut for her channel. Also thanks to everyone else who I missed for uploading things on Yuzu. I apologize for not being able to shout out names. There's so many of you. All of you are incredible and such gems to this planet. Now I need to binge watch Yuzu and catch up.
  3. Hi all. There has been a few people who have 'unlurked' themselves lately and I'd like to add to the number. Also been a long time silent reader but decided to come out today to join the sisters and brothers of this amazing planet. Thank you to the amazing members for giving all of us the updates on this incredible young man whom has inspired all that comes across his path. Yuzu has helped me get out of depression and believing in myself and I am praying for the best. In the end I just want him to be satisfied with his performance today and tomorrow. Also I would like to thank this amazing community for creating a platform for us to get news about our wonderful prince. The camaraderie of this forum is impressive and the comments and posts always make me smile everyday. This planet is the God sent for me and keep up the good work admins. Let's all enjoy Yuzu's performance today.