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  1. cloverpu

    Fantasy on Ice 2018 in KOBE

    Try this one too, piano version. Sounds beautiful
  2. cloverpu

    Fantasy on Ice 2018 in MAKUHARI

    And iirc H&L costume is at the exhibition right now 😂. I hope we will see it again someday though. It'll look beautiful in the show lighting
  3. cloverpu

    General Yuzuru chat

    This one?
  4. cloverpu

    [TV Broadcast] Continues~with Wings~

    The camera work seems good so far at least there is no boot showing during spins
  5. cloverpu

    [TV Broadcast] Continues~with Wings~

    I think it's live because there is always the word 'live' on the screen during skaters's performances. Contents of opening are kinda same between the first and second day anyway
  6. The ranking will change when they reset the score at the end of season. I think Yuzu's rank will down to 3 but it's not really important. He won Oly, it's all that matter
  7. I never think the first time I cry for them (Boyang and Shoma) would be like this I hope they will recover well in the off season
  8. Yes, 3a is not allowed in sp for junior ladies. Nats was senior though
  9. cloverpu

    [2018] WJC Men SP & FS

    It's from TOI'14 but I cut it from a fanvid. The only TOI vid that I found has words on screen during this scene
  10. cloverpu

    [2018] WJC Men SP & FS

    That silver is from his Nationals
  11. cloverpu

    General Yuzuru chat

    I think because fan saw this vid I think he still do NS though
  12. cloverpu

    Media Link Requests

    Is this okay?
  13. cloverpu

    General Yuzuru chat

    I think for GPS, the highest FS result was Shoma's Skate Canada fs (197+). Yuzu's is second best
  14. cloverpu

    General Yuzuru chat

    He was no.1 after Finlandia trophy '13 cause at that time Patrick didn't do any senior B comp