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  1. [2017] GP IdF Trophy - Men SP & FS

    Does anyone have the fs start order?
  2. General Yuzuru chat

    In Nice she was rooting for that Joubert fellow, I recall her saying something to the effect that Joubert had the skate of his life and redeemed himself there after a horrible string of performances(? not quite sure, never followed his career), so he should’ve been awarded for it with the bronze. Though it seemed to have escaped her that Yuzu too had had a redemption skate that got a standing ovation and was technically superior to Joubert and totally deserved it more. I guess she was too emotionally invested in Joubert managing to leave his shite year behind and delivering at the world stage, and seemed to be implying that Yuzu was young, so had ample time ahead of him to prove himself and win laurels later.
  3. General Yuzuru chat

    That’s no good, instant noodles are all I can cook which doesn’t even count as cooking. I would have to pester my mum to cook something good for Yuzu but most traditional food here is too spicy anyway... I see @Xen has gone ahead and done exactly that with her own yummy food post, now I’m craving Chinese, it’s my fav cuisine(or whatever hybrid version of it they serve here, the real deal is probably even better)
  4. General Yuzuru chat

    @the50person @Eclair you guys have some mercy on this uni student living on campus and surviving on instant noodles, your explicit descriptions are making me very hungry! Seriously though everything sounds delicious, I wish I was Yuzu, so I could take full advantage of this diverse fandom and sample all the free food.
  5. General Yuzuru chat

    Ah I got excited for a bit that there was a fellow Delhiite on the planet. I can definitely relate to feeling like the only one interested in a winter sport in an entire freaking country(of over a billion people, like surely I can’t be the only one!). Which is why I’ve taken to spamming one of my best friends with Yuzu interview links and asking her to translate for me(she’s a Japanophile and knows the language) and trying to get her into the sport so I can have company, she’s promised to watch the olympics with me and cheer for Yuzu, so there’s that. She thinks he’s very pretty and thought H&L Helsinki was awe inspiring, so that’s my story of halfway converting another innocent. But yeah I wouldn’t want Yuzu in my city either, a recent medical survey said breathing Delhi air is equivalent to chainsmoking 50 cigs a day, his asthmatic ass wouldn’t survive here
  6. General Yuzuru chat

    Lol you live in New Delhi? All those descriptions are very specific! Though most of South Asia is crazy hot and polluted(and prejudiced) so my guess is probably wrong... this is off topic tho sorry!
  7. [2017] GP Rostelecom Cup - Men Free Skating

    Brian seems to be doing Yuzu’s choreo movement, such a coordinated coach-student pair. Yuzu’s hair antenna probably signals to mama Borser too lol
  8. [2017] GP Rostelecom Cup - Men Free Skating

    He already gave them one but as we saw, apparently it was inconsequential cuz it was at a small competition right? They’ll have their narratives no matter what, they’re more of a broken record than even us.
  9. [2017] GP Rostelecom Cup - Men Free Skating

    Take that American inconsistency narrative! He’s the most consistent, you just have to know the set patterns he follows
  10. [2017] GP Rostelecom Cup - Men Free Skating

    Does the Asahi stream require flash? I’m on my iPad
  11. General Yuzuru chat

    Does Javi kinda look like Zhenya in this pic, or is it just me?
  12. Yuri! On Ice Discussion thread

    Wasn't it revealed in one of the YOI events that Viktor had a longstanding tiff with the Russian skating federation as well as the ISU? So it's canonically likely that he was underscored, but looking at the irregularity in the other skaters' scores it also obvious that the YOI makers really did not bother doing the proper math.
  13. Music talk

    Thanks for the link, I had somehow missed that post. It's a nice list, has some really good suggestions.