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  1. kusa

    Yuzuru Hanyu - Markas Indonesia

    hi hi hi... ada toh... X''3 k e mana aj w selama ini... (biasa search pake embel2 taun) :embSwan: makasih linknya :goe:
  2. kusa

    Yuzuru Hanyu - Markas Indonesia

    *gagal quote* asiknya yang pnya temen yang ke jepang... w kaga ada :rofl: niatnya sih mw ngubek2 kinokuniya dulu, baru mw coba pesen dari luar... X''D (nanti di coba dari CDjapan) sangkyuu buat infonya... :yay: buku itu kayanya worth banget buat di beli (baca summary dari yuzu sorbet)... ku ingin bacaaaaaaaa teman2... barang kali ada yang nemu harta karun yuzu junior GP mohon bantuannya... XD nyarinya bener2 udah kaya nyari harta karun... :rofl:
  3. kusa

    General Yuzuru Chat

    Only bits allowed The whole of Yuzu only gets to marry his various jumps. They live in happy polyamory! it is so hard to decide piece of yuzu I love the most but I will try to ask the deeper side of my heart, who I will marry to is he already married to other jumps? I attend the 4S3T wedding... but when were the other jumps wedding? did I miss them?
  4. kusa

    Yuzuru Hanyu - Markas Indonesia

    Video dia waktu Junior cuman yg pas 2009 sama 2010 itu pun yg world championship :empathy: udah ngubek ngubek juga dr tahun kmrn, cuman siapa tau disini ada yg punya wah... sama... X''3 w juga cuma nemu yang world doang... duh w pengen banget ntn yang GP series... X''D eh iya... kita di indo... di toko buku yang jual buku-buku jepang, ada yang jual Aoi hono ga sih? pingin baca... tapi transletannya di kasih klw kita pnya buku aslinya... pingin beliii... tapi di mana? X''D *ga bisa order dari luar*
  5. kusa

    General Yuzuru Chat

    No rush, take your time, plenty to explore! And honestly, don't worry about the English, it's truly more than fine. We're going to have a wedding, well THE wedding at the church too so be sure to join us there too if you fancy yourself a piece of Yuzuru (try to quote) really? the wedding finally there? I used to wonder since... well..there... *sigh* when the wedding will be held. let me see... what piece of yuzu I would marry... hm... can I just merry the whole yuzu pleaseeee?
  6. kusa

    Yuzuru Hanyu - Markas Indonesia

    hallo semua... :yay: Nama panggilan: kusa Domisili: hampir di ujung pulau jawa... ha ha ha Sejak kapan jadi fanyu? sejak awal season kemarin... XD cuma bener2 ngikutin sejak NHK 2016... abis itu ketagihan ntn striming di yutub n DM... >w< (aaa.. w ketagihan ntn LIVE juga... X''D 4CC n the world) :grin: hampir semua vidio yang w temuin w tonton... tpi w masih penasaran cari vidio yuzu waktu junior (GP series) ... sapa tw ada teman yang pernah ntn, mohon bantuannya linknya... XD
  7. kusa

    General Yuzuru Chat

    thank you yata and sally... still wondering how a forum works... this is my first time join forum... will explore a little. yesss... I already apply request to join the church... I am supper happy now there are international talk here... this forum so cool... now I will not sad to say good bye to GS
  8. kusa

    General Yuzuru Chat

    Hi...hello all.. this is my very first post on a forum. I am lurker on Gs since the beginning of last season. I have no courage to make account at GS because English is not my first language and I am still beginner who learning bit by bit about FS. I am soooo sad with what happen about yuzu thread at GS... it is so cruel for me. I read and check your all post there every day, I really enjoy them... thank you sooooo much for every thing... I love you all. (I itch to mention, one of my fave post section was about PPOS invisible convo, I laugh so hard when I read it... (btw, hydro I am your fan)) I planned to read old post to fill off season and now I they are gone the whole thread is gone I was so happy when I found this forum... thank you so much for your hard work to built yuzu fans new home. now, I will back to lurker mode and happily read every post here.