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Kamila Valieva Doping scandal- Incompetence of the ISU

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I am absolutely baffled by the fact that it seems like there will be no investigation into Eteri Tutberidze‘s team after all that has unfolded these Olympics. Kamila didn’t medal , which was convenient to sweep things under the rug, and with everything that is happening right now, Russian athletes won’t be allowed to compete anyway at Worlds. Is this how it’s going to end? The ISU is a pathetic organization all across the board. From judging scandals , to abuse, to even doping. Why is everything so discussed in a “hush hush, let’s not talk about, that was an outlier” way (hope you get what I mean)? There is obvious bias and corruption in the way the sport works, and if rules and athletic integrity  were applied  correctly , respected, and valued, it would be better for everyone involved, from the athletes, who would then know what aspects to improve on, to the casual viewer, who would finally start to understand what to look out for when trying to understand scores , because the most important aspect wouldn’t be how much the media hypes you up  , but your athletic and artistic ability and the competition would be healthier. No starving just so you can still jump like prepubescent girl at an age where peers in other sports have reached a more mature physique already, no extreme injuries because you need the “tech “ to be able to keep up, and others aren’t punished for qualities that aren’t making their skating more technically clean and get rewarded with obvious faults in their skating. Healthy competition. Not artificially fabricated. Real narratives, that people can get behind. Longer careers that aren’t just ending after winning an Olympic medal because the body can’t take it anymore.


Why does the ISU only want short term results? Why aren’t they considering the long term benefits for all the athletes involved. Other sports federations treat every athlete at the elite level with dignity, respect and appreciation, no matter the country they are from (this may be a naive view) and the sentiment between competitors is way more calm and caring? Meanwhile in FS , I get the impression that there is way more of backstabbing mindset? “As Long as it’s benefits me and my federation , it’s no problem “ is the vibe I’m getting.


This all imploded 20yrs after SLC with a 15 yr old under a abusive  coach being the face of a doping scandal, and the outrage overshadowing OGM of the other disciplines . With the only skater more polarizing than the whole FS event being ironically the one they have been wanting to bury since the beginning of this quad- competitors, federations, commentators alike- and we all know who that is.


summary: I’m sick of the ISU and need Yuzuru Hanyu and Yuna Kim with an army behind them to march into the Headquarters and reform this whole organization 

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