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  1. hello everyone:tumblr_inline_mto5i4jHv61qid2nw:


    i am felix, an (almost) 17 year-old, fairly new fanyu. i'm quite new to the figure-skating world as a whole, but i find it quite fascinating. that's why i decided to join this forum so that i can learn more about yuzu, as well as figure-skating  !!


    i would really appreciate all and any information, past events that i need to know about, video recommendations, inside jokes, other skaters i should watch, and figure-skating technicalities/moves (i'm not kidding when i say i'm new to all this !!).


    there is a lot of content that i have to catch up on so some guidance on where to start would be appreciated as well.


    hope to have a great time here with everyone:tumblr_inline_mto5i3wxFW1qid2nw:

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