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  1. So, I got the results for the Japanese lottery like two days ago for the single days. I applied for all three and won none of them. ha. Good luck to those of you who are gonna wait out and see if they can get a resold paper ticket (or however that works). And congrats to anyone who won! I'm peacing out of this sub!
  2. You're thinking too much. You realize there are thousands of foreigners living in Japan, right? Any one of them could have applied through JTB.
  3. That's so weird. I tried using my US debit card and it wouldn't let me
  4. I've got another question! Not sure if it's been answered or not but I know they're going to be checking ID (it looks like two forms) and I'm all good with that but I had to get my credit card reissued and I guess my debit card isn't going to work so the card I'm going to use is going to have another person's name. Is that going to be a problem? They're not going to expect me to have the card that bought the ticket on hand at the door will they?
  5. It'll be announced on the 29th around 6pm. I took a screenshot of that info but I have no idea how to add it to this post.
  6. Oh yes! I am aware. I am a foreign resident in Japan. I've applied with my Japanese phone number several times and have never won. That's what I meant. It's unfortunate that they are making this several times more difficult for those living outside of Japan, even with a paper ticket.
  7. Hey! I was redirected to this thread via someone on tumblr. I do have some info about EMTG regarding those error messages since ticket PIA posted information about making sure that your phone is compatible with the app before applying for the electronic tickets: In order to use electronic tickets through EMTG your device must fulfill the following: 1. A working internet connection 2. A working phone number (a japanese phone number starting with 080, 090, 070 is required) 3. A phone with one of the following OS (operating systems): iPhone: iOS 7.0 or higher (9.0 is recommended) Must be able to receive texts Android: Android OS 4.0 or higher (4.4 is recommended) Also must be able to receive texts In order to ensure that the app works efficiently, please update your OS in advance. Even if your phone meets the above mentioned conditions the following types of phone or devices may still be incompatible: Feature Phone ガラケー (these are older flip phones) Garaho ガラホ (another type of flip phone) Tablets (such as ipads) Easy smartphone らくらくスマートフォン Devices that do not support App Store or Google Play SIM free phones LG Optimus Vu L-06D (this is sold by Docomo) L-06D JOJO (also sold by Docomo) In order to protect against illegal activity, the usage of multiple smartphones will not be allowed. One registered user per one ID and device. Also, regarding all this extra security Japan is now implementing -- I must say I'm quite displeased with it all. I always though the lottery system was BS to begin with. I know scalpers and resellers are the devil but at least, AT LEAST, they're still giving me the chance to purchase the ticket. This year I was going to try and have myself and several of my friends also living in Japan to apply for these tickets in order to increase my chances but it seems like it's really just a one per person type of deal. I'm sure I'm not going to win. I can't tell you how many of these types of lotteries I've tried winning and haven't had luck with a single one! Anyway, I wonder how the ticketing app works. How far in advance can you view the ticket? Because if it's pretty early then your proxy can just take a screenshot of the ticket+barcode and send it to you to use on your own phone can't they? If it sounds like a hassle then maybe having a proxy sign up for the paper ticket might be better? I doubt a Japanese telephone number will be necessary in that case. Just have them use your name on the ticket and your email although you'd have to be comfortable giving them your credit card details.
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