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  1. Oh you're so nice to appease me. Thank you so much. Yeah I know it's easier way to meet Yuzu outside of Japan, such as Olympic at Beijing but I just worry that will he still attend in competition next seasons or retire. And maybe FaOI is the safe plan to meet him
  2. Okay it's a lottery at another place while getting ticket at Sendai will be the hottest battle. Urghh it's seems the whole world don't want me meet Yuzu
  3. Mọi người ơi cho mình hỏi Yuzu đã confirm lịch FaOI năm nay chưa nhỉ?
  4. I don't know the exactly price of ticket, it can change in different types or time. But I think it's not really high. Maybe about 100$. Eventhough the tickets on website are so cheap, it can sold out quickly that you can't imagine, and maybe you have to buy ticket in black market. Then, you know, the tickets will be higher so much than its real price. Yuzuru is so famous in Japan, especially in Sendai so even you have many money, you need lucky to get tickets. The price of hotel is cheap, I think so. I search on the Internet and it costs about 50-80$ for one night. But you should check in soon for your room if you don't want to be homeless in Sendai because the room sold out easily
  5. Cảm ơn cô nhiều nhen. Tất nhiên là tui nhất định phải đi gặp Yuzupooh của tui ròi ^^ Tui có tham gia 1 topic về iceshow, các bạn người Nhật dễ thương lắm, họ phân tích cho tui cơ hội may rủi ở các địa điểm tổ chức, với lại cũng chỉ tui cách mua vé nữa nên tui nghĩ là tui chỉ cần tích góp và chuẩn bị tinh thần chiến đấu cao thui Mà tui dù theo Yuzu không lâu nhưng qua những gì tui biết thì Yuzu là người rất là mạnh mẽ, chỉ cần chúng ta luôn ủng hộ cậu ấy, chắc chắn cậu ấy sẽ làm tốt mà. Mọi người đừng xuống tinh thần quá ^^ Mình phải làm chỗ dựa vững chắc cho Yuzu chứ
  6. I see. Thank you so much. I will ask my friend if I decide to go.
  7. Is it easier for me if I ask my Japanese friend book the ticket for me?
  8. See him at his hometown is the most special memory for his fan. But I'm thinking if I can't buy the ticket, maybe I will change my plan to the normal trip. In my expectation, I can meet him randomly when I go out in the evening at Sendai haha
  9. Firstly, thank you so so so much. Your informations are really helpful for me to decide the city of this tour. I will consider about the place that seems eassy to book the ticket and try my best to fight with another his fan lol. I think everyone always want to see him at his hometown, there is the most special feeling here so this is the hottest battle for Yuzu's fan. And I guess that I have to do a lot of things if I want to become a warrior in that one.
  10. Yuzu rất là mạnh mẽ nên hãy cứ tin cậu ấy. Đừng lo lắng quá kẻo lại không tận hưởng được bài ổng cất công dựng ^^
  11. Thank you so much. How about the city? Which is the best one I could go to if I want to attend the ice show? I hear that it's so hard for foreign fan if they want to book the ticket at Sendai? I wonder if Kobe is the better place?
  12. Does anyone can give me some advice? If I want to go FaOI 2019, where is the best place for a foreign like me to book the ticket?
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