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  1. I applied with PayPal (and so did my friend). We both won tickets (men's sp and gala) C level
  2. I have no idea how it happened but my friend and I won both the 21st and 24th... We wanted the 23rd too but damn we are dying of happy.
  3. They do if you chose to checkout with credit card.
  4. pretty sure you need to get a verification SMS...
  5. Hi! To answer your questions to the best of my ability... 1. the lottery ends most likely at midnight on the 21st JAPAN TIME so it's either already over or ends at 11:59pm tonight? But you'll see if you are still able to apply once you do. 2. You only pay IF you win. If you're not sure if you can pay or if you can attend checkout with paypal because you can just opt to not pay in case you win and then you'll lose the ticket after the deadline. 3. I'm not very sure about this as I've seen mixed answers around. Resellers are going to blow up prices insanely either way, though.
  6. Oh damn maybe I won't then because I don't have such money ;w; I wish you luck though!!
  7. I'd love to take your extra(s) in case of insane luck lmao which categories did you apply for?
  8. I did use it as payment method. I just had to select "paypal" and it never asked for any paypal info so it's not possible for them to take any money automatically.
  9. I believe so! That's what I'm doing at least haha
  10. @PPOS As far as I know they do take it automatically if you gave your cc info. If you chose Paypal they can't as they didn't ask for any information at the lottery checkout.
  11. As far as I know it verifies by phone number. You'd have to take his phone with you if he wins the tickets lol.. Thank you!!
  12. So I'm seeing a lot of people are thinking of buying 2 tickets when they only need one.... In my case I'm buying 2 since my friend and I want to be seated together. If I get her to apply as well (to increase our chances) and we somehow manage to get 2 tickets each how would we go about getting two other fans in without my friend and I having to be seated apart? I know you need to have your phone on you to show your ticket and that the other person needs to be entering with them, but after that is it possible to sit together with my friend still instead of with someone else? xD