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  1. Hmm.. Nothing new.. I'm disappointed with the results, Nathan's score is higher than Olympic Parissiene Walkways.. tsk tsk
  2. Haist, here at work but I still can't get over.. even they missed the podium, JPN ladies performances are worth to rewatch than the girls who won a medal
  3. If Kaori land that 3F or if Rika atleast try a 2Ax.... I hope something nice will happen for team JPN in Men's FS..
  4. Trying to be positive, Yuzu never won the World when he is leading in SP... Good luck in the free Yuzuru
  5. There's already a pic of Jun and Zhenya.. OMG.. this is getting exciting! But I really do hope that Hanyu arrived earlier..
  6. Yuzu, time to compete at 4cc next year, Shoma, already got his title, time to get yours
  7. Shoma, please do well, please take that 4cc gold!
  8. Hi guys, do you have live stream links for the Men's FS?
  9. It should be a Team Japan Podium!! No offense to Elizabet Tursynbaeva
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