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  1. I hate to give money to ISU, but the boy asked for our support. What can we do.
  2. I just booked hotels for Autumn Classic and the next Worlds. Thank you, Yuzu, for continuing to compete! We are blessed.
  3. I hear you. I don't usually use swear words, but with ISU it's impossible! I am holding on to the last hope that they will be forced to cancel/postpone the competition. I am so worried about the athletes and the audiences. The risk is just so high with people can stay asymptomatic for days without knowing. Plus we have some really incompetent governments.
  4. ^ This is what the two words mean separately. Both are quite common phrases. But combined together, the only one I am aware of is from "银河英雄传说". Chinese history is not on my top list when I was in school though. * Sorry for the double post. I don't know how to multi-quote from posts on different pages.
  5. Yes. It has a very large following in China.
  6. I became a fan only recently so I don't know the reason behind the name. First time I heard the word '帝国双璧' (before my fanyu life) in under the context of the Japanese novel '银河英雄传说': https://baike.baidu.com/item/帝国双璧/8301697. I think it's more likely Chinese fanyus just like the phrase. Especially if you think that all these programs helped him building his kingdom, these two have been the corner stone of his legacy.
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