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  1. No not at all! I’m still holding out hope for an all-event ticket even though it’s late to get lodging and plane tickets at this time. If the ticket was a good seat close to the ice at a good price, I’d be very interested! Please pm me with the details and hold the ticket please! 🙏
  2. That may be true, but I can’t wait until October to get airfare and lodging...I mean I would be taking a huge risk paying for all that without knowing if I’d be able to get a ticket if I were to plan it all now, but waiting until October will make finding cheap airfare and a Airbnb harder/more expensive. So the market where ppl exchange their tickets with someone else through Ticketmaster will open once they’re sent out and not before? How are the ppl on here selling their tickets, then? I’m confused. 😰
  3. oh man so you were able to get them in the k+c today? Lucky you! I'm glad they had them available in the k+c during the general sale. I was on exactly at ten too, but it just wouldn't load for a really really long time, and by the time it came up all I could get was like row 10 of East Bleachers. I was there for the countdown on the ticket page for each day, and when it turned ten it wouldn't come up and I was panicking. Ugh why do I suck at ticketmaster?
  4. Other than that one k+c seat for the gala, I never saw any in the k+c for the competition days. I kept getting kicked off because I had more than one tab open, and when I called the phone number they said they had none available period in any section (which is weird because I know they still had East Bleachers at that point). I've never had luck with ticketmaster, online or phone. I wonder if any in the kiss and cry were on sale today, or if they all went during the presale. It doesn't make sense to allow the entire section to go during the presale, and then not allow any to be sold during the general sale. I did sign up to get emails from skate canada, so I got the email saying that there was a presale, but by the time I saw the email they were all gone. I waffled over trying to get all four days in the East Bleachers, but I was having too much trouble getting kicked off. It's a lot of money for me to go, and I'm not sure if it's worth it to go if I'm so far away. I would be able to see better on computer/tv than I would in the bleachers, right?
  5. Do you guys think it's impossible that someone with an all event ticket from the sides will sell their ticket? that's my only shot at this point
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