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  1. When lawson site asked for phone number for EMTG e-ticket, I put in my phone number which I used to set up EMTG account, and it got accepted. I'm not 100% sure that this will work. For experiment, I bought 2 NHK Trophy tickets: 1 via the foreign sale with EMTG account using my own phone number, the other is also an e-ticket via Lawson application. I won both tickets. Information for the 1st ticket said that I can claim it around 27/10. The email for 2nd ticket from lawson just said that they'll send information later, which I guess will be around 27/10 too. However, with the lawson ticket, they allow to me to add my name (in katakana) and print out a receipt for the transaction of that ticket under my name. I am now very confused. If I can put my name to that e-receipt, would I be able to put my name on the paper ticket? Or would it still bear the name of the account's owner? To be honest, I'm stressing out and don't know whether I should cancel my e-ticket applications and re-apply for the paper-ticket ones And I'm sorry that I'm making you all confused as well. Feel like I'm going blindly in the dark and just wishing for luck.
  2. Thank you, @katonice I did as you said and now have 3 options for each day I don't know whether there'll be name on the ticket or they'll check ID or not. It was just some note from Lawson during my application that put me off paper ticket. At the moment, I'm also not 100% sure whether e-ticket will work. I might know more tomorrow when the result for NHK trophy ticket lottery is announced (and if I win). FYI, the note from Lawson is as followed (English translation by google): 入場時の身分証の確認について チケットの転売を防止するため、ご入場の際に予告なくご本人様確認のため身分証明書をご提示いただく場合がございます。 身分証明証をお持ちでない場合、いかなる理由でもご入場いただけません。その場合、チケットの払い戻し・交通費等の負担はいたしません。 あらかじめご了承ください。 なお、身分証明証については下記のとおりです。 ※1点で身分証として認められるもの パスポート、運転免許証、マイナンバーカード、住民基本台帳カード(写真付き住基カード)、外国人登録証、写真付健康保険証、身体障害者手帳。 ※2点で身分証として認められるもの 購入者の名前が刻印されたクレジットカード、健康保険証、住民票、戸籍謄本(抄本)、印鑑登録証明書、年金手帳、社員証、学生証、アイスクリスタル会員証 Confirmation of identity card at entrance In order to prevent resale of tickets, we may ask you to present your identity card to confirm your identity at the time of entry without notice. If you do not have an identity card, you can not enter for any reason. In that case, I will not pay the ticket refund / transportation expenses etc. Please note. The ID card is as follows. ※One recognized as a badge in one point Passport, Driver's License, My Number Card, Basic Resident Register Card (Juki Card with Photo), Alien Registration Card, Health Insurance Certificate with Photo, Handbook of Disabled Person. ※What is recognized as a badge in 2 points Credit card inscribed with the name of purchaser, health insurance card, resident card, family register (extract), seal registration certificate, pension notebook, employee ID card, student ID card, Ice Crystal membership card.
  3. Hi! I finally managed to enter the single-day lottery. Finger-crossing!!! Here is how I did it (with great help from Google translate): - My brother helped me with an VPN app. I only had to choose the location (IP) in Japan. - My friend in Japan gave me permission to use her address and phone number, which I used to set up account at Lawson ticket. They sent a code to the registered number for confirmation (and identification). I had to make arrangement with my friend so that she can send that code to me right after receiving it. I also used her name to register just in case they would send something via post (the website allows to put names as katakana character, not romanji) - Once successfully registered, I can put in my credit card information. And they accept my foreign credit card. This is a huge relieved because I don't have to bother my friend too much. - Initially I planned to go for paper ticket. But the website said that they'll check for ID at the gate (passport, citizen ID, student ID.. - I guess anything with name and photo). Because I used my friend name and address, and she lives far away from Saitama, I was afraid that I can't borrow her ID (we don't even look alike). Then I saw that they use EMTG for e-ticket. And I've already set up my EMTG account for NHK Trophy using my phone number (sale for foreigner). EMTG account is for 1 phone number only, I decided to go for e-ticket. During application process, Lawson accepted my phone number for EMTG account, so my hope is up. If I'm lucky, I might know tomorrow when the result for NHK Trophy lottery is released. - I didn't know one can choose 3 seating options, so I applied for S stand only, 2 tickets each day. I went back to the website but couldn't add another seating option. The result of single-day lottery will be out on 24/10. This is good because the foreign sale is not likely to start before that date, and I'll know what I have to fight for at the foreign sale
  4. I think that Lawson membership is somehow different from Lawson ticket membership I also can register for Lawson membership but not for the Lawson ticket one. Anyway, I asked a friend who is living in Japan to apply for All event ticket lottery for me. But she said that even that is now over over booked. She can only register for me to the waiting list for any seat which would become available (there is like 0.01% of having an S stand seat). My last hope now is ticket for foreigners
  5. Thank you @SparkleSalad I will ask another friend to have a look for me on the 22nd. It seems none of my friends who are in Japan have Lawson ticket account or have ever brought ticket via lottery system before. I guess it's not THAT complicated but for beginner, especially those with limited Japanese, it's like a super complicated maze
  6. I think their system also checks IP. I tried to set up an Lawson account from Vietnam with had my friend's phone number (she's living in Japan) and the verification code they send her. Didn't work The website sent an message saying their service is not available for my region My stress level is the same as when I had final exams
  7. Thank you @SparkleSalad I practiced EMTG e-ticket for foreigner with NHK Trophy. It was pretty easy, but it really allows only 1 device/account. If Lawson is the same (most likely as you posted), then it'll be difficult because I don't think having my friend's phone for a few days is possible. It's dicriminating if all-event ticket is only available for Japanese
  8. I'm thinking of asking a friend who is living in Japan to buy ticket for me. But I don't know if the ticket can be bought directly or through lottery. Does anybody have information?