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  1. I've just check, there are still P2 seats. In section 104, no more couple seats but in 110, you can still get 2 seats together.
  2. Have you register with evenko? 1. select number of ticket 2. Click on the area you want to seat that is still available (there'll be a red outline around areas with available seats) It'll choose seats in that area for you
  3. Well, it likes the beginning of resale, you can't choose section. I'll come back later to check I would be devastated to come to general sale and see most of the seats have been taken. At least for Saitama lottery, I didn't know about the seating, and tbh winning a lottery did feel great :">
  4. In Montreal2020 website, the K&C is said to be between section 106 and 107, and skaters entrance is right behind it at section 108. But in the seat plan we saw just now, they moved the K&C to section 105 and 106. It looks like there are 2 entrances, one at section 104 and the other at 110, and just grey areas between 107 and 108. From what I saw at Saitama, skater entrance was pretty close to the K&C, and the opposite side (larger area) was for the media. My guess: skater entrance at 104, and the area between 107-108 is media.
  5. I tried the link for gold tickets 15 mins ago, there was a message saying that it’s sold out for now but more tickets will become available 🤷‍♀️ I could select section 104 and got row E, but decided to wait and try again on Friday. Guess I got braver after all those lottery rounds of Saitama 🤪
  6. I want 2 P1 tickets, and got the message that none in that price level is available, just 30s after pre-sale started Played around with selections for 30 mins and decided to try my luck again on Friday
  7. I don't think you can choose exactly where you want to seat. Just the price level and they'll randomly assign a place. I'm buying 2 tickets, so hopefully they'll assign 2 seats together.
  8. I’ve been in the same turmoil. If I really tighten the bell and watch the Grand Prix Series from my room, then Montreal is doable. But then for that same amount I can go to at most 3 GP competitions. This is so hard T_T @SparkleSalad why does Yuzu must go to nationals this year?
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