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  1. I haven't listened but I believe Boitano is still fairly active in doing stuff with USFS, so him saying questionable things about Yuzu isn't too surprising. Try not to let it ruin your OGMiversary.
  2. I'm not sure how likely it is nor do I have any expectations about what Yuzu should or shouldn't do, but it would be truly hilarious and serve the ISU right if all of their efforts to push Yuzu out the door backfired so spectacularly that they caused Yuzu to find new levels of meaning and purpose in his skating and he just kept on going even after Beijing.
  3. Yes, he wants the OGM, but he knows that he doesn't actually need to improve at all to achieve that with the way the judging is right now. Of course, saying all the right things about wanting to improve is good PR for him.
  4. Yes, apparently USFS wants us all to pretend that Bradie is Carolina Kostner 2.0 until Alysa Liu is senior eligible.
  5. Here's hoping that Eunsoo, Young, Rika, Wakaba, and Kaori have great skates!
  6. True, I'll definitely take inane but generally positive and inoffensive chatter over someone being obnoxious and disrespectful like Johnny or blatantly pushing a biased agenda like Chris.
  7. Tuned in just in time for team KoKo and I'm already tired of this Stating The Bloody Obvious commentary dude. When your commentator knows more about Lord of the Dance than he does about ice dance, maybe you shouldn't have him at your figure skating event...
  8. I truly do not understand the point of having a commentator who clearly has no idea what he's talking about and is just chatting about whatever to fill the time, AND can't even pronounce the skater's names correctly while he's at it.
  9. Yeah, that was weird. I feel like even if you know the element will be invalidated because you screwed up at the beginning, at least make an effort to get back into it so that it looks a bit better instead of just standing there.
  10. The problem is that the judges are going to continue to treat Nathan as if he's the full package even though he's not. All of Yuzu's programs are better than anything that Nathan has ever done, but if the ISU and USFS are determined to crown Nathan as the new king it's going to be an uphill battle for Yuzu no matter what his programs are.
  11. Maybe Yuzu watched Johnny's commentary at USNats and decided he didn't want to perform Otonal anymore
  12. I know it's random and silly but I totally want Yuzu to be the most viewed skater on the Olympic youtube. I think he and Yuna currently have the most in terms of total views of their different programs, but in terms of a single program he's got a way to go to catch Lipnitskaya's 13 million views on her team skate from Sochi.
  13. This is totally random, but with all of the Notte Stellata talk lately I've realized that we've been slacking off because the Olympic version is not at a million views yet:
  14. Reminds me of Max Kovtun after Worlds last season when he called Yuzu a god, dismissed a Nathan fan trying to get him to compliment Nathan too by reiterating that Yuzu is already a legend, and then said in an interview that he couldn't care less that Yuzu lost to Nathan because Yuzu's performance impressed him more.
  15. In my experience, a lot of Nathan fans are very quick to characterize any criticism of his skating or his scores as "hate", or they'll say that he shouldn't ever be criticized in any way because he works so hard (as if working hard is unique to him and not something that all elite athletes do). Also just generally speaking, people who know deep down that their fave is overscored are going to be prickly and defensive when scoring discourse starts. It's not always worth engaging with that, and similarly, I feel that not all skating forums are worth my time and energy to read. That forum does not make my cut.
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