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  1. I believe that something legitimate happened to delay Ghislain because I don't see him just bailing on Yuzu for a stupid reason, but I don't give the TCC team a pass for not having a backup plan in place. Yuzu should not have been alone today.
  2. TCC should have had someone here for him. If Ghislain had some kind of personal emergency at the last minute, there has to be a procedure to swap him out for another coach. Meanwhile, Brian is doing cheerful instagram posts from TCC as if all is right in the world. As far as I'm concerned his coaching team deserves criticism for this.
  3. I'm assuming that "Brian Coach" is actually Briand Coach aka Ghislain, just mangled by google translate.
  4. So you defended Kavaguti's comments without actually having read them? O...kay. Well, I did read them and I stand by what I said yesterday. I think some people are using "semantics" to give Kavaguti a pass by claiming that she was only criticizing a small subset of fans, but there's actually no indication that that's what she really meant and there was no reason for her to drag Yuzu's name in at all if her real goal was just to complain about some Japanese fans not meeting her personal standard of the proper way to be a skating fan.
  5. I mean, fans "trash talking" about other skaters is in no way unique to fanyus. There's plenty of trash talk among Russian fans of various skaters, for example, and some of the trashiest trash that I've seen has been directed at Yuzu by Nathan fans and not the other way around. So why single out fanyus as the only problematic group when that's far from the truth? And honestly, while I do think that fans should follow rules as competitions and be respectful towards all of the athletes, there is absolutely nothing wrong with being a fan of Yuzu mostly or even exclusively and not of the sport as a whole, especially considering that the integrity of this "sport" on the whole is questionable at best at the moment. The vast majority of fanyus are supportive of many skaters, but if someone wants to support Yuzu and Yuzu alone, that's 100% their right and they shouldn't be shamed for it. Kavaguti's comments are completely inaccurate, inappropriate, and disrespectful to Yuzu and his fans and none of us should have to sit around pretending that she might have a point. She doesn't.
  6. "I can't produce a meaningful critique of any substance of Yuzuru Hanyu as a person or of his skating since they don't actually exist, so please try to enjoy this fake deep sounding gibberish instead."
  7. No, it's okay, I know exactly what you meant and you're right. I saw that "meaningfully engage" tweet too and there's not enough in the world for that kind of take. Nothing against any other skater, coach, choreographer, or just athlete in general out there, but there's literally nobody who meaningfully engages with their sport more than Yuzu does. And even if that weren't the case, he's more than earned the right to do whatever he wants with his skating. I guess since they can't say that anyone else has skated better or scored higher than him this season, they have to resort to this pseudo-philosophical weirdness.
  8. I apologize on behalf of sane and knowledgeable American skating fans I usually just try to laugh that stuff off because it is funny how far they have to reach and twist themselves up in logic pretzels trying to find anything to criticize about Yuzu or his skating.
  9. Yuhana also mentions Yuzu in her follow up tweet to the banquet pictures, but the Google translate makes no sense as usual and my Japanese isn't up to the task
  10. Stream showing Yuzu: http://live.qq.com/10097977
  11. I was afraid they were going to hold their scores down to keep K/O ahead, so glad they didn't because that deserved to go into first.
  12. In addition to Dalilah being just generally awful, I feel like K/O's programs have gotten a lot more boring since they switched to her.
  13. I could be remembering wrong but I don't think Jason said that they were never going to work on the 4T, just that the 4T was harder for him initially since he did have to unlearn and relearn technique for it, so they started off fresh with the 4S instead. I do hope that he can make it happen.
  14. I feel like K/O were trying too hard to be like 'our music is very DRAMATIC and INTENSE!!!!' rather than actually interpreting the music well, if that makes sense.
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