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    Everything about Yuzuru. And i'm a writer on Wattpad. Wrote fanfiction about our god Yuzu.

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  1. WHAT HAPPENED HERE!? If anyone wants to sell good tickets, contact me plz
  2. How nice! I'm still thinking about the weather. Is it from minus 1 to minus 3 celsius? Warm coat or big, REALLY HEAVY jacket? Double trousers or one warm leggings? Still confused.. Ahh so much to think
  3. I'm still looking for a hotel. And thinking about apartments too. Because we are 6 or 7 of us. Soo.. I'm still searching..
  4. Haha right! Actually in Mongolia, we drink like them or we drink more than Russians haha And it's my first time in Russia. Aaand i'm bringing my six other friends with me. Yuzu, food, travel and friends. It'll be the most incredible travel, i bet. but still, we didn't find any good hotels. If you know one, let me know ^^
  5. I'm gonna try real russian Borscht, Piroshki, Solyanka, Pirog, Golubtsy, Shashlik this time! Lots of Russian food in Mongolia but need to try in Russia. And of course + Vodka
  6. I'm gonna stay for two nights in St.Peterburgs too! Ohhhhh
  7. I'm a journalist actually. Luckily, my boss lives figure skating too. And he said, 'okay two weeks then'...
  8. Guys, how long will you stay in Moscow? I booked my tickets and it's from 13th to 23th haha Oh god, i'm too excited and gonna live there like "forever"
  9. I hope meeting will be held on Friday night or Saturday night. Wait, i guess saturday is good. We need to celebrate his greatness after the FP..
  10. I received a waaay too many russian words and i couldn't handle it I think our meeting will be amazing. Can't wait to see your faces instead of our beautiful Yuzu's photos..
  11. Oh god...Thank youuu! what a stressful day. AND WE ALL NEED TO MEET IN MOSCOW, right? xD
  12. Guys, i can't believe it. REALLY. just bought my ticket and i'm in SHOCK! 3 days package is including a Gala, right? or am i wrong. sorry, i'm so tired. maybe i'm talking about something stupid...
  13. I can't believe it.. I startes to drink beer before... MANY HOURS AND IT'S STILL NOT OUT. This is insane!