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    Everything about Yuzuru. And i'm a writer on Wattpad. Wrote fanfiction about our god Yuzu.

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  1. Russian weather is just like my country, Mongolia. So i'm pretty sure it'll be cold. So bring warm clothes, guys! Luggage is the MAIN PROBLEM right now :))) Still don't know how to brng all of my clothes and how to go back with sooo many souvenirs.
  2. If you're gonna make a group chat on Twitter, add me ^^ https://twitter.com/CocoWithSmile
  3. Twitter sounds good for me ^^
  4. Countdown began! Woow. Already October 1st here. Time flies huh... Anyways, i'm gonna sell my friends' one cheap seat (not really good one tho) ^^
  5. Can't wait Rostelecom, guys! It's just so exciting. My first time to see the competition. And can't wait our gathering ofc... November is so close already!
  6. Hey guys, i'm staying @ulitsa Volkhonka, Khamovniki. Maybe we can go to the arena together someday. It's surprisingly near to Borovitskaya and Kropotkinskaya metro stations.
  7. Wow can't believe it's already September and a half... Time flies. And good tickets are flying away too
  8. Meetings, meetings, meetings... I'm really looking forward to it.
  9. WHAT HAPPENED HERE!? If anyone wants to sell good tickets, contact me plz
  10. How nice! I'm still thinking about the weather. Is it from minus 1 to minus 3 celsius? Warm coat or big, REALLY HEAVY jacket? Double trousers or one warm leggings? Still confused.. Ahh so much to think
  11. I'm still looking for a hotel. And thinking about apartments too. Because we are 6 or 7 of us. Soo.. I'm still searching..
  12. Haha right! Actually in Mongolia, we drink like them or we drink more than Russians haha And it's my first time in Russia. Aaand i'm bringing my six other friends with me. Yuzu, food, travel and friends. It'll be the most incredible travel, i bet. but still, we didn't find any good hotels. If you know one, let me know ^^
  13. I'm gonna try real russian Borscht, Piroshki, Solyanka, Pirog, Golubtsy, Shashlik this time! Lots of Russian food in Mongolia but need to try in Russia. And of course + Vodka