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  1. Thank you I will don’t give up!
  2. I am so jealous!! you guys so lucky
  3. Yes..right. I saw it I was too excited and my action was too late.
  4. Row2??? It’s really close to the rink, isn’t it? If I want to buy from you, how can I pay? and why did you decide to sell that ticket? did you get more good seat? sorry for many question!
  5. I’m gonna stay from 13th to 19th and I already booked my flight and hotel. I considerd only watching the competition becaouse this is not my first time in moscow. but I couldn't think of another option: St. Petersburg!! I should have made a plan to travel to St. Petersburg.
  6. This was my first war to get the tickets abroad. I really want to thank you all. You guys are so nice and kind (despite my poor English)
  7. I've got A1 and C0. but I still want Gold. So I'll wait the second stage.
  8. Which area is better between C0 and front of D4? It's the OP. help me!!