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  1. Hello guys. I only got tickets for 11/4 through the lottery. Is there anyone who have extra tickets for 12/4~14/4? any kind of seat is ok. Please just let me know
  2. hey guys, I forgot my binoculars and my seat is quite far from the rink. Where can I buy the binoculars or opera glasses in Moscow??
  3. Nice to meet you! I'm really happy to hear that. I also live in Seoul. The only problem is that I can't speak English well lol. But I think we can deal with all the problems together more easier.
  4. Thank you for answer! paper.....resellable.... ok. There are so many things I need to know
  5. Hello everyone! I'm very new here. I really wander how hard it is to get tickets. I want to get premium seats and I have some friends who can help me in Japan. but what I want to know, should I attempt first lottery for all event ticket in case I can't have single day tickets? I mean, should I try every way that I can? It's so difficult.....
  6. A4r9....I couldn't even see that seats. I'm still keeping to try.
  7. Thank you I saw it. I have A1 row11 and I’m looking for the seat under row5.
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