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  1. Still looking for trade following tickets: FaOI Toyama 6/14 S seat with 6/15 and/or 6/16 S seat or greater, will make up price difference. Please DM if you’re interested.
  2. Anyone interested in trading FaOI Toyama S seat on 6/15 or 6/16 with mine on 6/14? Please PM thanks!
  3. From google map you can key in your location (hotel etc) as departure then put Saitama Super Arena as arrival, it will pop several options incl. walking (?). I believe my train arrive Saitama Shintoshi Station at 5:15am at earliest!
  4. It’s padded not as heavy as movie theater but definitely better than PVC jumpseat !
  5. I will see OP on 18/19/20 but not 21/22 ( any spare tickets? ). I replied previous post to group together and I definitely can save you a seat.
  6. http://yuzuyakawagoe.jp/english.html welcome to join me and have fun together.
  7. Yes. You need to register another EMTG account in Japan, the one for foreigners lottery is not acceptable for resale. Another discrimination !
  8. My AirBnb was 3 minutes drive from Sixteenth Miles Sports Complex but love to try other venue without dirty glass panel !
  9. Now I really miss Helsinki ... you stay where you are from day one and no separate tickets for OP & competition ...
  10. Team work will definitely work! But are we talking about saving seats or line up overnight? I heard fans are planning to, hopefully not camping outside like ACI ... yes, I witnessed the stampede and almost got pushed over! If we have group of 4, each person can use banner or blanket covering/occupying at least 4、5 seats together, that’s 16 - 20 seats total, that’s how they did in ACI. Also there are 2 rinks on 3/18 & 3/19, need to split unless we know who will show up. Shall we start with which day we can attend first ? My hotel is within walking distance to Arena so I can help out on 3/18 as early as we plan, then I move to another hotel 4 stops away by train on 19 onward so the earliest ETA will be around 5:30am.
  11. I sold my GPF & 4CC tickets thru both Viagogo & Studhub. Both sites require registration to become either buyer or seller, need credit card as quarantee and charge 10% fee. Tickets can be download instantly by PDF form or mail original paper ticket to home address or hotel you stay. Buying & selling procedures are self-explainatory but Viagogo cancel my WC Premium order “ due to seller can’t provide the tickets” after order is completed and cc charged as well, I think the seller found out listing price was too low compared to others. I got refund eventually & made complaint but customer service was terrible ... And you’re right about paper ticket release date in early March. Last year my FaOI ticket finally arrived 10 hours before my flight departed ... it all depends how soon your seller receive the ticket and rush to Japan Post Office sending them by EMS!
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