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  1. After 3 hours keep refreshing the page, I finally got my 113/row1/seat6&7 ... never give up ! Oh yeah!
  2. I got 2 on first row at 113 but can’t process my CC payment (went straight to Italian ) ... waiting to release more tickets now, don’t give up!
  3. I’m debating should I rent a car but after realizing parking fee is C$15 per event (daily) , maybe Uber is a good idea.
  4. Still looking for trade following tickets: FaOI Toyama 6/14 S seat with 6/15 and/or 6/16 S seat or greater, will make up price difference. Please DM if you’re interested.
  5. Anyone interested in trading FaOI Toyama S seat on 6/15 or 6/16 with mine on 6/14? Please PM thanks!
  6. My AirBnb was 3 minutes drive from Sixteenth Miles Sports Complex but love to try other venue without dirty glass panel !
  7. Now I really miss Helsinki ... you stay where you are from day one and no separate tickets for OP & competition ...
  8. There was scheduled shuttle bus running between Kanazawa train station and rink, advance ticket required & only available at Lawson store, another disadvantage for foreigners. It took us a good 40 minutes wait of returning shuttle.
  9. My friends were let in when the skaters had not been on ice yet ...
  10. Since GP Canada International will be in Kelowna & 2020 WC will be in Montreal, Ottawa may get the chance to held ACI this year. Good luck!
  11. Yuzu may pick GP Canada International in Kelowna and ACI for sure next season !
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