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  1. https://www.fantasy-on-ice.com/ 2019 Fantasy on ice schedule 1) Makuhari 5/24 - 5/26 2) Sendai 5/31 - 6/02 3) Kobe 6/07 - 6/09 4) Toyama 6/14 -6/16 Details & participants will be announced in the near future.
  2. Does any one know the OP on 3/18 & 3/19 will open for 5-day pass holder or on sale separately? Thanks!
  3. traveltoomuch

    2019 World Team Fukuoka

    It’s open for foreigners with 1st come, 1st serve, no lottery drawing . https://www.tv-asahi.co.jp/figure-wtt/2019/sphone/ticket/index_en.html
  4. traveltoomuch

    Four Continents 2019 Anaheim

    Selling 4CC all session ticket (Feb 5th to 10th 2019) at zone 204/row B with $599 plus processing fee from ticketmaster. Eligible for open practices starts from Feb.5th. Please DM if you’re interested.
  5. Combined WC & Japan National, I’ve tried 22 lotteries using proxy、friend’s account & foreigner application ... no luck whatsoever ! I’m trying local lottery one more time tomorrow !
  6. おはよう everyone, Haven’t check on PH after ACI … if you plan to have meet up in Helsinki , please let me know cause we didn’t have much time at ACI last month.
  7. Will see … whatever left will be out today
  8. Website said only EB & K&C will be available on 9/13, I received pre-sale e-mail right before 10am local time on 9/11. Don’t think ACI reserve more seats for 9/13 ...
  9. Snatch R2 on EB for open practice, nothing left in K&C 😢😢😢 Going back to my original WB mile high seat.
  10. Will arrive Oakville on Wednesday morning ... love to meet up !
  11. Does application open tomorrow? Will see how the system work ...
  12. How do I upload photo here? Have one made in process...
  13. Selling Silver C7 row 2 all-event ticket @ 300 euros. Near skater entry/warm up zone/K&C. Clip to see real view http://www.helsinginjaahalli.fi/virtuaalikavely/ DM if interested.
  14. traveltoomuch

    Grand Prix Helsinki Tickets Market

    SOLD ! Selling GP Helsinki Silver All-event : C7 row 2 @ 300 Euros. Near skater entry、warm up zone & K&C. Clip to see real view http://www.helsinginjaahalli.fi/virtuaalikavely/ DM if interested.