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  1. Selling All Event Ticket for friend who can’t attend : Section 111, Row G with discount price C$900. E-ticket PDF ready to transfer. PayPal accepted. Please DM if interested, thanks!
  2. 2 bedrooms downtown apartment with kitchen & living room in Montreal, 500 meters to Bell Centre available from 3/15 to 3/22 (check out) to share. Nightly one bedroom with queen bed is C$80, bus 747 directly from Montreal International airport. If you need last minutes accommodation, please DM and stay safe!
  3. Based on my experience last year, competition tickets e.g NHK/Japan National can Not be transferred, they all required photo ID on E-tickets or ID confirmation on paper tickets. Your friend need to accompany you if he/she is the ticket holder. Ice Show like FaOI/MOI has no restrictions on ticket holder’s identity.
  4. It’s all depend how organizer will do this time, no guarantee.
  5. It’s 4 tickets max in all event, not sure about single day lol
  6. I used this site to buy musical & concert tickets in the past 10 years. Never once they check my ID, just need reservation numbers to claim tickets. Wish the same at 4CC.
  7. Found 2015 4CC video on YT: The glass panels were removed with large gaps between ringside and seats . Although the chance is slim, but I really wish Yuzu will attend this event.
  8. Interpark has pretty good cancellation policy, just bought my short side on 115 and cancelled 114 instead. No fee charge if you cancel before midnight of purchase day.
  9. I will wait till 12:00 sharp to hit the link, nothing on interpark so far
  10. Got my MOI tickets just now ... used Japan address and Japan mobile number to register and paid with foreign credit card successfully!
  11. Still at arena entrance with my banner collecting poohs today ...
  12. Poohs rain help out! I’m at Arena Section E today and Section B tomorrow. Will collect poohs before ladies competition with my gold banner saying “ Yuzu and Pooh together forever “ at arena entrance. See you all with poohs! Daphne
  13. It’s me, I am at Arena section E today. Will collect poohs before ladies competition at arena entrance with mu gold banner saying “Yuzu and Pooh together forever” ! See you then. Daphne
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