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  1. In general, if you leave a placeholder, or even just tell your seat neighbors you'll be back, people will respect that and you can return to the same seat. Be mindful as well though, and politely return in a timely manner if possible. They may be more strict this year, but from last year's experience, there were no bag checks, and I often brought back food and refreshments.
  2. Thank you! August is so far away... LOL! Hopefully we'll hear from most of the respective skating feds this month (not just Japan). I'm okay with being surprised, but I'd love to know which skaters we'll be seeing beforehand too.
  3. Just curious, does anyone remember when the skaters are usually announced? I want to say it was late July last year, right?
  4. If I recall correctly, the only difference in getting an all event ticket versus single day tickets was that there was only one wristband needed for those with all event tickets, while there was a separate colored wristband for those with individual day tickets. I think in theory, the idea behind this is that you'd have to queue up to get a new wristband every day of competition before entering the rink to find a seat (hence making the all event ticket slightly more convenient on top of VERY slightly cheaper). From what I remember though, last year anyone who had bought tickets to all three days were able to just get the single all event wristband anyway. Maybe this year they'll be more strict with their policies? Can anyone else who went to ACI last year confirm? Asking because it seems they might be holding all event tickets until the general sale on Friday.
  5. Not confirmed, but maybe Wednesday practice is only accessible with an all event ticket?
  6. Same! I've been on that mailing list for years now and I either don't receive emails at all or get it much too late!
  7. The status of Friday and Saturday tickets changed from "unavailable" to "sold out" so I think they're done for now. Surely this only applies to the presale, and they'll have more for the general sale, right? Really hoping so at least.
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