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  1. I've had some time to gather my thoughts about this while trying to quell my rage and heartbreak/heartache for him. I'm TRYING to remain optimistic about yuzu's future in the sport, but it's really not easy Re. the completely unwarranted UR calls: I can only assume national bias is playing a factor here (USA) and this SHOULDN'T likely happen again in future competitions where the tech panel isn't made up of Americans with an agenda. I think yuzu recognises this as a 'it's them not me' problem too judging by his comments to the media, so I think/hope that he won't beat himself up too much for that. Re. PCS: I suspect it's a combination of problems with (1) his FS song choice and (2) the judges looking out for any opportunity to ding him. I think judges don't like this song choice very much and perhaps because it's been skated before as an iconic program by Plush (unlike Seimei & H&L, which were one of a kind) they might have higher expectations of how it's supposed to be performed. I'm being slightly more optimistic about this because of his SP PCS score during this comp - it was still pretty high even with a hard fall. Otonal's choreo is designed in a way that really shows off his skating skills and interpretation and I feel like the judges respond a lot more positively to that than Origin. Because of this I really hoped that he would change his FS this season but on the other hand I totally understand his reasons for recycling it. I think we'll only be able to confirm this whole 'showing him the door' theory when the GP series begins and we see how he's scored then. But till then, I will try my darnest best to remain optimistic and have faith that yuzu will get even stronger after this experience and give the ISU no choice but to score him fairly
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