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  1. Yep one should never underestimate the power of hanyu!!
  2. hahah what "what should I do now?"
  3. Oh my that music is so beautiful Can't wait to see Yuzu skate to this one
  4. Hello, I am quite new to this site but it is so nice being among other Yuzu fans. I have been a figure skating fan for about 2 years. I watched the Sochi short program on youtube and his skating just blew me away, it was nothing like I had ever seen before! After that I watched all his other programs and learnt everything about him. My family and friends thinks it is a bit weird but I can't help it. His personality is amazing and he is so inspirational. He is truly an amazing human being On a completely different note: even though I have been watching figure skating for TWO YEARS I still find it difficult to differentiate the different jumps and the only one I always get correct is the triple axel.... But it takes time I guess. I have never posted anything here but it would be so much fun talking to other Yuzu fans!
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