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  1. She often sees him with his earphones on during breaks so they don't get to talk much, a fact which Yuzu confirmed. It's a normal answer to a question. Where is the shade? I must be missing something. It is a fact that Yuzu loves his earphones so it wouldn't be much of a surprise if he's using them during breaks, right? Personally, I don't get the hoopla about what she retweeted (Nathan's protocols) either. If that tweet was tweeted by a fanyu, I would not even bat an eyelash, tbh, and most of the time, I don't go looking into someone's profile or previous tweets before retweeting something that I came across in my timeline. I mean, the score's ridiculously high, so it's not rocket science that people in the figure skating fandom would be curious enough to go "have at it" and the dissect the protocols. Yes, fanyus were singled out in the tweet (that was the only thing that threw me off a little, given that it's a tweet from a Nate fan, but then Miki could have not known that), but it's not so bad, imo. My initial reaction actually was "I'll have a go at it then " and I have seen a number of people on twitter who did dissect the protocols and even made their own. Of course, it's possible that I just suck at English, and "have at it" means entirely different from what I understand it to be. Or there is a nuance I'm not getting. Disclaimer: I am a fairly new fan (became one after watching Yuzu's short program last Olympics), although I was into watching figure skating (primarily ladies' rather than men's) during the early 2000s (stopped watching after Kwan retired) so I'm not so knowledgeable about Miki Ando and her relationship with Yuzu. Oh, and this is my very first post in this forum after lurking for a while and I'd like to thank you all for all the translations, and many other info on Yuzu that a growing cactus needs.
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