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  1. Hi everyone, I'm looking for someone to buy B seat tickets for 21 & 24 from me. The total price will be 80,000 JPY. I know it's pricey but I bought it from a reseller so I originally bought them at a high price as well...
  2. Looking for someone to share an all-event pass with me. You: S tickets to Mar 21 SP & Mar 24 Gala for 125,000 JPY Please DM me. Thank you (it’s a resale ticket so the price is originally high)
  3. Anyone interested in getting S tickets for 21, 22 and 24 for 165,000 yen (total for three days) ? Please DM me.
  4. Hmm I’m pretty sure they distribute them in paper form since the deadline for paper ticket resale lottery was different from the electronic lottery. I’m asking because I bought paper tickets for the 21st and 24th from other fans and they look different. One had the blue lawson border the other one doesn’t. So I’m a bit confused...
  5. Oh I thought there were paper tickets.. I saw they had paper tickets on the official resale site... Does 紙チケット mean paper ticket? https://ticket-trade.emtg.jp/artists/figure/wfc2019/top
  6. Question: Do the paper tickets from EMTG look different from the Lawson tickets?
  7. Hi guys, just to put it out here again that I’m still looking for a ticket for the Free Skate on the 23rd. Please let me know if you have or see any. Thank you!
  8. (I haven’t got any ticket for the day but) for those who have the competition ticket on the 23rd, do you get to watch the practices earlier in the day as well? Or just the competition itself?
  9. Ah I meant I wrote something earlier and edited my comment after realizing it’s 200k 😅
  10. Two people already asked on here so I’ll be the third in line, but I’d still like to sign up for the ticket as well I have a spare phone where I can reinstall the app and sign into your account with. Thank you!
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